bumpdate: 36 weeks.

Weeks: 36 weeks Baby is the size of:  a cabbage patch kid!  (I had a cabbage patch kid when I was little and her name was Carbell.  …Crosby and Carbell… that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) Weight gain: I’m officially bigger now than I was at the end of my pregnancy with Crosby.  And… Read More

bumpdate: 32 weeks.

Weeks: 32 weeks Baby is the size of: a plastic scooterboard (lol wut) Weight gain: This is a safe space, right?  So I’ll give it to you straight… I weigh almost as much NOW as I did when I gave birth to Crosby.  (!!!)  Honestly, I feel fine about the poundages, I’m not freaking out about it… but the… Read More

bumpdate: 27 weeks

Weeks: 27 Baby is the size of:  A camping lantern. Which reminds me that I really want to go camping at least once before this summer peaces out.  Though the idea of sleeping on the ground in my condition is less than desirable. Is it still considered camping if I bring my king-sized bed along?  Is… Read More

bumpdate: 23 weeks. oh and also, we’re having a…

HEY!  How are you?  Me?  I’m just 23 weeks pregnant over here.  I know, I know, I have been such a delinquent preg lady this time around.  Poor baby #2 has no baby book, no bumpdates up until now, and I’ve done approximately 0-1 things to actually prepare for their arrival.  But to be fair to… Read More

bumpdate: 36 weeks

Hello and welcome to another edition of bumpdate!  We’re nearing the end folks, and I’m starting to wonder which of these updates will be my last. This Friday I will hit the magical 37 week/full-term status and I’m kinda at the point where I’m ready for baby to make an appearance.  Well, ready-ish.  Emotionally ready?  Doubt it.  Physically ready?  Yes please, I’m… Read More

bumpdate: 34 weeks

Man, I’m really slacking on the bumpdates lately. Remember back in the day when I was posting them every single week? Back when the idea of putting on public-appropriate clothing and smiling for the camera every few days didn’t see quite so…. difficult.  I’m just seriously slowing down lately.  Everything takes a whole lot more effort… and… Read More

bumpdate: 31 weeks

Weeks: 31 weeks Baby is the size of: A pineapple! I’ve been waiting this whole pregnancy for the baby to be the size of a pineapple. I feel very accomplished this week. Weight gain: [pig snout emoji] Cravings: Maybe it’s because it’s hotter than shit outside or maybe it’s a craving, but I can’t stop… Read More

bumpdate: 28 weeks

Weeks:  28.  AKA third trimester. AKA ohmygawd. Baby is the size of: An eggplant. Weight gain: Yup. Cravings: Nothing new.  Except I want to drink the shit out of this. How good does that look??  Now, who would like to come over and make it for me? Sleep:  Meh.  Ok-ish.  Although I’ve been awoken by some gnarly charley horses… Read More

bumpdate: 26 weeks

Weeks: 26 Baby is the size of:  A head of lettuce, which does not coincide with my cravings. Weight gain: TBD at next weeks Dr appointment.  I’m scared.  I FEEL heavy, like I could bust through my chair… or my shoes… or the earth at any moment.Cravings: I’ve been craving BBQ lately, which is a strange one for me.  I’ve… Read More

bumpdate: 24 weeks

This post comes to you from the sunny shore of the Florida Keys, where Casey and I are on vacation with my family for the week.  The trip so far has been nothing short of amazing and the thought of leaving on Saturday makes me want to punch a bird. We’ve rented a beachfront house in Islamorada… Read More