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those two weeks when my kid grew teeth and learned to crawl.

Good Monday to ya!  I’d like to welcome myself back to the blog, seeing as how I’ve been MIA since I was a wee 30.0 year old.  I really didn’t mean for 2+ weeks to slip by before coming back here but I have a good excuse, I swear.  And that excuse is two tiny teeth that now take up residence inside little Crosby’s mouth.  Teething is no joke, my friends.  But you moms already knew that didn’t you?  Of course you did, you even warned me about it but I just sort of shrugged it off like I did most advice I was given pre-baby.  Teething is just another one of those situations with babies that you really can’t understand unless you’re in it.  Like, really in it.  Like, hunkered down with a refrigerated teething toy in one hand, a tissue in another, and a glass of wine balancing in the crook of your arm.  Because survival.  In all honesty, Crosby has been handling teething pretty well.  Under his layers of snot and in between his dramatic sob sessions, he’s still a happy little guy.  And I can’t really complain too hard about having to get up to give him a few extra snuggles at night.  Or butt pats.  Crosby is all about the butt pats.  (For you non-parents, a butt pat is when you pat a baby’s butt.  Don’t say I never taught you anything.)

In other news, a couple of nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night with all these great ideas for blog posts.  I knew I’d forget them as soon as I fell back asleep so I quickly typed them into my iphone notes before nodding off again.  Great idea in theory, but when I looked at them the next morning I could not make sense out of a single thing I wrote down.  I remember that I didn’t put my glasses on when I typed them in, which is a rookie move on my part.  Regardless, these notes…I don’t know what I was thinking…  Help me, won’t you?

The first note says “Csection conx”.  Besides sounding slightly unsavory, I don’t know what it means.  Maybe I wanted to start a support group called the C-section Connection?  Or maybe I meant c-section cons?  In which case…. I still don’t know what that means.  How boring would a blog post about the cons of c-sections be?  Just like, ask your doctor.  I don’t know, anyways.  The next note says “change from diaper n the middle”.  Again, ??????  I don’t even know if I want to make sense of that one.  The third note says “Update: coffee tea formula”.  Which obviously means I finally perfected my coffee, tea and formula beverage…?  Or whatever.  (I was pretty impressed with the use of a colon on that one, though.)  The last one says “photo an hour” and I think I know what this one means.  I remember seeing a photo challenge somewhere where you take one photo every (waking) hour for a whole day.  Then you can sort of display them as all as play-by-play of your day.  So I’m guessing I thought it’d be fun to do a blog post like that?  Which, I don’t know, would it?  I personally am super interested in hearing about other people’s daily routines.  Or maybe I’m just nosey.  Anyway, I might try it later this week.  And if it’s stimulating enough, I’ll post the photos here.  As for the rest of those stellar ideas, I think I’ll pass.  Unless anyone is interested in learning more about the inner workings of csection conx?  Or maybe the plural of conx is conxes?  Conxi?  Conxen?  I’ll consult my unconscious self and get back to you on that one.

Other haps.  Crosby started crawling today during our baby music class.  He’s been army crawling/planking/downward dogging like cray for the past few weeks but today was the first time he legit crawled.  Onto another baby girl’s blanket.  Kid’s got game, is what it is.  Also, send help.

Speaking of which, one of my other mama friends gave me a run down of all the things I should probably do to babyproof our house.  And it’s extensive.  Prior to that I’d only thought of plugging the outlets with those plastic thingies.  Which I did last week, and felt super accomplished btw.  Anyways, she sent me a babyproofing list, I started sweating, and then I made the executive decision to instead just wrap Crosby up in bubble wrap everyday.  So what I’m saying is, does anyone have a coupon to Office Depot because I’m going to need a lot of bubble wrap.  Also, send help.

Also, I’m out of wine.  Seriously, SEND HELP.

Ok byeeee.


our most favoritest baby products (0-6 months).

I think it was Confucius that said “It takes a village to raise a child.  And an Amazon Prime account”.

Inspired by that quote, and the fact that we’ve successfully raised a human for 6 months, I thought I’d share a few of our favorite baby products so far in our gig as parents.  Warning: this is an exceptionally long post.  So take bathroom breaks as needed.


The Essentials:

1. We use Target Brand Diapers during the day, and they’re totally great.  And not a million dollars per box.  Plus, they have the strip on the front that changes color so you know when the diaper is wet… which is pretty much just all the time.
2. As I mentioned in my last post, we use Pamper$ Baby Dry at night, but go up one size larger than normal. They’re great.  They hold in the pee, they hold in the poop.  Job well done.
3. We’ve tried a bunch of wipes and the Babyganics kind is by far our favorite.  They’re not as… wet…?… as a lot of the others, so I feel like they’re gentler on Crosby’s business.
4. We also tried a bunch of bottles and the Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Bottles are definitely our favorite.  That little blue tube thingy supposedly keeps babies from getting the toots.  If I were to start all over again (please no), I would skip the 4 oz size and go straight for the 8 oz bottles though because we eventually needed to buy the bigger size anyway.
5. MAM Pacifiers are the ONLY pacifiers Crosby would take.  We have a million bazillion of them now.  Oh, and I would highly suggest investing in a few of these clips as well.  It’ll save you from having to “sanitize” a pacifier in your mouth that’s been dropped on the floor of a grocery store.  Or so I’ve heard.
6. The Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack isn’t really essential but it’s awesome.  It’s one of those products that I wish I would have thought of first because it’s just stupid smart.  Yes, stupid smart.  Spring for the bigger size.   Because even if you don’t use/wash a lot of bottles or pump parts, you can dry your wine glasses on it too.  Or so I’ve heard.


1. We’ve been using the HALO SleepSack on and off for many months.  We used them for a while with Crosby’s arms tucked in, now we use them with his arms out.  He constantly looks like he’s ready for a potato sack race, but these things keep him warm and cozy.
2. Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – This ridiculous looking space suit was a savior when we were transitioning Crosby from a swaddle to a non-swaddle.  It minimizes the movement of arms and legs so that babies aren’t easily awakened by the moro reflex.  Also, your baby will look cute and funny in it.
3. Jute Baby Swaddle Blanket – This was our favorite newborn swaddling blanket.  It’s incredibly soft and was the perfect fit for our little guy.  Also, the designs are adorable.  I use it now as a light blanket in the car.   Sometimes I let Crosby borrow it.
4. The aden + anais Swaddle Blankets are great for getting an iron-clad burrito swaddle.  Which we became pros at during the colic/reflux phase of Crosby’s life.  And they’re huge!  Huge enough to swaddle a beagle.  Or so I’ve heard.
5. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Ok, so remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that Crosby sleeps flat on his face?  Well, when that started, I didn’t think I’d ever sleep again.  I was constantly going into his room to put my hand on his back and make sure he was still breathing.  So to save me an ulcer, we invested in this sensor that monitors baby’s movement and breathing.  Some people might find it ridiculous.  I consider it my new best friend.
6. The Sound Sleeper app is basically the soundtrack to our lives.  Crosby prefers Mountain River.  Although he’s also been known to like a good Womb session every now and then too.  Especially when he’s feeling nostalgic for his fetus days.

Toys & Teethers:

1. Sophie the Giraffe – There must be something about Sophie because every baby I know wants to gnaw her face off.  Last week in the car, Crosby started making some crazy noises and I had to pull over and jump in the backseat to make sure he wasn’t choking.  He wasn’t, he was just chomping barbarically on Sophie’s face.
2. Crosby is obsessed with his Crunchy Book, which isn’t the actual name of this toy but should be.  For those who aren’t familiar, the pages are filled with something that makes a crinkly, crunchy noise, and babies LOVE it. When Crosby starts to get fussy in the car, we just aggressively crunch this book in his face and he calms right down.  And then we all high-five each other for #winning.
3. Wimmer-Ferguson Teether Really great silicone teether that is sort of the perfect size for a baby’s hand. And you can also chill it in the refrigerator to cool down your white wine soothe your baby’s gums.
4. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes – This is another absolute savior in the car!  You or your baby can push the button and a little tune will play, which I could hum by memory to you forward/backward/upside down.
5. Scout was a gift from Crosby’s GG and Grandpa and he loves it.  We have all of his stuffed animals on shelves above his changing table and he will zero in on Scout and stare at him until we take him down.  You can program Scout to say your kiddos name (although Crosby wasn’t in their arsenal, so instead they spell it out in a song.  Whomp whomp.) and remember their favorite color (Crosby’s is chartreuse) their favorite food (Crosby’s is 2015 breastmilk) and some other fun junk.

Stuff to sit on:

1. The Mamaroo was my second in command during those first few months of Crosby’s life.  Sure, it’s spendy.  But it honestly was the only place other than our arms or his crib (sometimes) that he was cool hanging out in.  He also slept in it for a while when his reflux was really bad.  He doesn’t sleep it in anymore but now we put him in it in a more upright position so he can hang out and do things like fold laundry and work on his taxes.
2. Merry Muscles Jumper We’ve been putting Crosby in this thing for a little over a month now, and he loves it.  And by loves it, I mean he just sits there and doesn’t move.  But hey, that’s a win in our book.  We know he’ll figure the jumping part out soon enough but for now it keeps him calm and occupied for 20 minutes or so.  Which is the equivalent of 6 pre-baby hours.
3. The Keekaroo High Chair is quickly becoming one of our favorite things.  We hadn’t been using it much until the last month or so because it requires some pretty strong core strength.  But he really loves sitting in this thing.  It’s easy to clean and it’s not horrendous to look at.  And it’s adjustable to grow with him.  Supposedly it eventually transitions to an adult chair.  So we fully intend on making him use it until he graduates.
4. Crosby LOVES the Fisher-Price Jumperoo he got from his Pappy & Granny.  We love that it’s not as robust as a lot of the other activity chairs we’ve seen so we can easily pull it from room to room.
5. Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker – Ok so we’ve had a few people ask about our rocker because as far as baby rockers go, it’s beautiful.  Right?  (You can see ours in a few pictures from this blog post.)  It’s also super comfy, cleans off easily, and is wide enough to comfortably hold me, Crosby, the dogs, Casey, our record collection, 4 blankets, a chipotle burrito, and some napkins.


1. The Solly Baby Wrap was hands-down my favorite carrier during the first 6 months.  It’s high-quality, stretchy, but not too stretchy (I also have the Boba wrap which was nice, but a little too stretchy. Great for when Crosby was a newborn but once he put on a little weight he would sort of sag in it and hang off of me like an udder. Not the look you want to go for when you already feel like a cow.), and the Solly comes in really lovely colors.  It maybe took me a week to get really comfortable with tying it on and getting him in there, but we both loved having him so close to me.  I put him in this a lot in order to get stuff done around the house too.  Note: Solly’s are best used when your baby is 0-6 months old, so we haven’t been using it as much anymore.

2. ERGObaby Original Carrier (+ infant insert) is Casey’s favorite.  I use it a lot as well.  Although if I were to do it all over again, I would DEFINITELY just go for the ERGObaby 360 Carrier, which unfortunately came out like 5 days after we had Crosby and had already used our ERGObaby original.  The difference between the two is that the 360 allows for your baby to face out, and not just in.  This wasn’t really an issue for the first few months, since Crosby would mostly sleep in the carrier, but now that he’s more alert and interested in what’s going on around him, he totally prefers to face out.
3. The Infantino Baby Carrier was referred to me by another mama friend (thanks Berit!).  We bought this solely because it has the outward facing option and it’s cheap(ish).  And now it’s basically the only thing we use when we’re out running around or going for walks.  So, if the Ergo 360 is just too much dinero, this is a great alternative.




1. I think I’ve referred everyone and their mom to Zutano Booties.  Early on, we noticed that socks just would not stay on Crosby’s feet and all the cute but non-functional booties we’d received were obviously manufactured to drive a new mom insane.  Enter the Zutano Booties.  Crosby wears his  They are glued to his feet.  They keep his toesies warm and they’re adorable.  (Stay tuned because I’m actually going to be doing a giveaway with Zutano in the next few weeks.  WHOOP!)
2. Hanna Andersson PJ’s are expensive but absolutely worth the $.  So soft, so comfy cozy and guess what?  They make adult size PJ’s too.  Which I think we pull off quite well, don’t you?
3. Since blankets and stuffed animals are a big fat no-no in the crib, a Lovey is the next best thing.  Crosby smushes his face into his before every nap and bedtime.  Also, because it’s so small we can take it with us when we travel or on car rides to make him feel a little more at home.
4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar on DVD, which I just discovered is available to stream on Netflix.  So maybe I’m the worst parent ever for exposing my baby to the devil that is TV, but!  Crosby keeps his eyes glued to this little show, which is perfect for keeping him still while I clip his fingernails (dread).
5. Bamboobies – This is obviously a product for the mamas and not the babies.  I used disposable nursing pads at the beginning and they itched and made my boobies look weird and lumpy through my shirt.  Bamboobies are reusable, soft and don’t make my boobies look weird and lumpy through my shirt.


— So there you have it!  I’m sure I forgot a few things but hopefully this was helpful?  Should I do posts like this more often?  Or should I just stick to doing what I do best, word vomiting?

Please let me know if you have any specific questions on any of these products.  I’m happy to help!

Happy Friday!


it’s been a while, let’s catch up.

IMG_4386First things first.  I have something really exciting to share.  Well, it’s exciting to me and probably no one else.  Except Casey.  And Crosby.  Although I don’t think Crosby quite understands the significance of “exciting” things.  Other than bath time.  But I’m sure he still appreciates the importance of this situation, in his own baby brain kind of way.  Maybe.

… What were we even talking about?

Ahh yes, big news!  We’ve found a solution to Crosby’s pee leakage problem that I talked about in my last blog post.  Yay!!!…… (See I warned you.)  We tried all of the suggestions you lovely people sent (thank you!) and after much trial and error we found that putting Crosby in a diaper that’s one size larger than normal at night does the trick.  He usually wears a size 2 during the day (yes, he’s just a little guy) so at night we put him in a size 3 Pamper’s Baby Dry and… no leaks.  It’s a washing machine miracle!   Apparently there are many reasons why a baby can leak at night, but in Crosby’s case it’s a quantity issue.  Putting a bigger diaper on him obviously means there is more, uh, storage space for all that little potty.  Aaaaand sometimes big potty.

Speaking of which, what is your stance on using the word “potty” versus “bathroom” when talking to your little ones?  Some people have such a strong opinion one way or the other.  Like “potty” is too juvenile but “bathroom” isn’t easy enough to say.  After a great deal of thought and introspection, I’ve found that I just don’t care.

I realize that anyone still reading this post who doesn’t have kids is likely pouring gasoline on themselves at this point.  So let’s move on from the potty talk and save ourselves that burnt hair smell, shall we?

I feel like we have so much to catch up on since my last blog post.  I didn’t realize it had been almost a whole month since I last wrote.  But a lot has been going on, so I’m thinking maybe it’s best if I do a little photo recap of the last few weeks.  Sound good?

I hope you understand that that was a rhetorical question.

IMG_4218The weather in Oregon over the past month has been bitchin’.

Does anyone say bitchin’ anymore?….  Is it working?….  I didn’t think so.

Well anyways, we’ve been taking advantage of the weather with frequent trips to the coast.  I’d go every day if I could.  If anyone wants to go tomorrow, hit me up.

Does anyone say hit me up anymore?…. Is it working?…. I thought so.

march_1IMG_4158 IMG_4204Don’t worry, we put a hat on Crosbaby’s head shortly after these pictures were taken.  We fully realize that the 7 hairs on his head do not suffice as sun protection.  Little baldy.  
IMG_4214march_4IMG_4246On this day we wore matching stripes.  Crosby’s idea.  It was also his idea to have this picture taken so he could take it with him to college and tell everyone how he and his mama used to sing “Let’s. Wear. Stripes! Let’s wear stripes! Let’s wear matchy, matching stripes!” to the tune of Beauty and the Beast’s “Be Our Guest”.  

march_3Our friend Tony came from San Francisco to stay with us for a weekend.  Watching him hold Crosby was mayyybe the highlight of February.  He’s a total baby rookie but gets an A for effort.  And a B for beer.

IMG_4286And on this day we realized that we all (unintentionally, promise.) wore black.  So, we commemorated that day with a vewwwy sherioush pikcheew.

IMG_4359My mom came to visit us for a few days.  This beauty just turned 50, but clearly doesn’t look a day over 25.  It’s only slightly weird when she’s holding Crosby and people think he’s her baby.  What makes it less weird is when I then snatch him out of her hands and scream HE’S MINE!!!

IMG_9866We made a quick, unexpected trip to MN last week. Casey’s beloved Grams passed away and so the three of us made a trip to the snow to be with his family and pay our respects.  Casey had a really special relationship with his Grams; she was the heart and soul of his entire family.  Needless to say, she will be greatly missed.

IMG_9840Baby eyelashes!!! I just want to gather them up and sprinkle them on my cereal.  (<— Quite possibly the weirdest thing I’ve ever written.  Because I can’t even remember the last time I had cereal.)

IMG_9890IMG_9901My soul sista Lindsey came to Portland.  She’s the sassiest ladypants I know and I love her dearly.  Fun fact.  One time Lindsey and I took a road trip from MN to California and it took us until 200 miles outside of LA to determine that the terrible thing I had been smelling the whole trip was actually a pair of new leather shoes in the backseat, and definitely NOT my armpits.  So.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWe get a lot of questions about the mark on his upper lip.  It’s a birthmark.  Not a scratch, or lipstick, or the result of chewing on a marker.  Which are all guesses we’ve heard.


This is Crosby and I at his SIX month check up.  Pre-shots, obvi.  But six months!  I don’t even and can’t even.  The fact that he’s half a year old makes me want to simultaneously cry and laugh.  Which actually is something that Crosby does once in a while. We have this theory that he got so used to crying in his early months that now he thinks that’s what he should be doing anytime his mouth is open.  It’s like a knee-jerk reflex.  He’ll yawn and start crying.  Or smile really big and start whimpering.  Or he’ll laugh and then get a confused look on his face and start weeping.  He’s actually happy, but the fact that his mouth is open throws him off.  It’s pretty cute actually.

He’s also been sitting up a bit, pushing up onto all fours, eating his feets, and chatting like crazy lately.  We’ve started giving him solids, which both he and Gus are really enjoying.  He thinks bananas are awesome and tomatoes can suck it.  He also likes when we put applesauce or mashed food onto a spoon and let him feed himself.  The spoon lands in his mouth maybe 1 out of 4 times.  The other three land on his forehead, down his bib, and on the window sill, respectively.

He’s finding his voice.  He likes to say the word “boo” over and over again really softly.  And when he’s sucking on a pacifier or a bottle, he sometimes makes this noise that sounds like he’s saying “oh yah oh yah oh yah” really fast.  Which I then mock, because I’m me.

He just recently has been giving us some nice big belly laughs, and they are everything.  Especially because of how challenging the first few months were.  Those belly laughs are like reassurance that hey, we haven’t completely messed our kid up!

Happy six months, baby guy.  We sure do love you.



The end.  You did it!

Have a bitchin’ day.

december stuff.

Hi friends!  Happy holidays!  Or, can I even say that anymore now that Christmas is over?  (Waa!)  Maybe I should say… Happy awkward time in between Christmas and New Year’s when you’re still sort of in vacation mode but still have to be productive at work and you’re so distracted by how extra tight your pants are after all those holiday feasts but you might as well keep on eating like a hippo until after New Year’s Eve when you will be starting your new workout/diet regime and will no doubt look fantastic in no time!  Or something like that?  Anyways, I hope your Christmas was merry and you got everything you ever hoped for etc etc.

Now can we talk about my Christmas for a second?  This is my blog, after all.  And actually, let me back up.  Let’s talk about my December, since I haven’t posted anything in over a month.  Consider that your Christmas present from me!  Wink wink.

December went by so fast I can’t even handle.  We spent the first half of the month doing Christmasy things around Portland.  Since it was Crosby’s first Christmas, (Crosmas!!  <—- I just thought of that now!  What a waste of a perfectly good hashtag.) we wanted to make sure to be as holly and jolly as possible before skipping town to head to Minnesota for two weeks.  Yes that’s right, we took a two-week vacation (?) to MN for the holidays.  It was SO much fun to be with family and to introduce the little dude to some of our favorite people who hadn’t met him yet.  Including both Casey and my siblings.  That’s by far one of the hardest parts of living far away from family… our siblings, grandparents, good friends didn’t get to meet our kid until he’s almost 4 months old.  That’s a lot of dirty diapers old.  So anyways, it was amazing to be together with everyone for the holidays.  However… in hindsight, what the hell were we thinking taking a two-week trip with a refluxy 3 1/2 month old?  Seriously.  He was a trooper through it all but we definitely had some tough moments.  Including every moment between the hours of 9pm and 9am.  Yeesh.  Thank gawd for our families who were so understanding and constantly offered help (though I didn’t always take it…).

Sidebar.  Here’s the thing with fussy babies, and mine specifically… as much as I want a break sometimes, it is really hard for me to accept help.  I’ll admit it.  I so appreciate when people are willing (and eager!) to take him off my hands for a bit when he’s crying but I rarely accept their offer.  Why?  Because it’s completely impossible for me to relax if I know he’s upset and someone else is trying to soothe him.  And I’m just sitting there, doing nothing.  You know?  I guess it’s because I feel like Casey or I should be the ones to calm him.  Or maybe that we’re the only ones who actually CAN calm him.  Even though that’s not even true.  Maybe we could do it faster, but any one of our lovely family members would be able to get him to chill out eventually.  So why can’t I take the help?  I don’t know.  Any other parents of fussy babies know the feeling?  Or am I just crazy?  Don’t answer that.

Anyways!  Back to our Crosmas trip to MN.  We flew out super early in the morning, and I was basically having an anxiety attack thinking Crosby was going to have a meltdown on the plane.  He did not.  He slept for most of the flight and only squawked a couple of times once he woke up.  Little angel.  And thankfully there were about 10 other families with babies on the plane too.  We were in good company.  I told Casey after we got off the plane that I felt like I needed to go around and high-five all the other parents because holy shit is that stressful.  And speaking of which, have you guys seen this story about the parents who handed out goodie bags to people on their flight?  What do you think?  Good idea or no?  I personally wouldn’t do it.  Babies be babies.  And really… if a baby screams in your ears for three hours are you really going to be less annoyed if you were given a box of Junior Mints from a stranger?  Probs not.  I think just common courtesy and politeness, both to and from and the parents, is the best approach when flying with a baby.  Also vodka.

Ok, tangents over.  Back to our trip.

A good chunk of our time in MN was spent driving.  Which was interesting, given that Crosby hates to be in the car.  But man he was a trooper.  We drove from Minneapolis to Rosemount to Brooklyn Park to Big Lake to Alexandria to Kensington to Minneota to Ghent back to Alexandria and then back again to Ghent and then finally took our last 3 hour drive to Minneapolis to fly out. That flight back to Portland started out a little rocky.  Crosby screamed for approximately 15 minutes before we even took off.  I was gushing sweat as we both tried everything we could to calm him down in the tiny shoebox of personal space we had.  Plane seats have never seemed so small as they did during those 15 minutes.  And I’m pretty sure everyone in the 3 surrounding rows saw my boobs at one point because I was, frantically as calmly as possible, trying to feed him to get him to calm down.  LOTS of boobs flying about.  He eventually passed out, and stayed asleep the rest of the flight.  Ahh memories….

On that note.  A short photo diary of our month…

shawnnathompson_christmasstuff_4Even though we knew we’d be gone for half December, we still went and cut down a tree.  It’s probably my favorite holiday tradition that Casey and I started when we moved to Portland and I was not going to let Crosby miss out on his first tree cutting experience.  #hesleptthewholetime.

IMG_3652#untilwewokehimuptotakethispicture #hewasnotimpressed

IMG_3683We also too him to see the Zoo Lights at the Portland Zoo.  Again, slept through the majority of it.  And in case you’re curious, that’s a rain guard on his stroller.  It’s not like we keep him in a bubble for no reason or anything…. :: side-eye::

shawnnathompson_christmasstuff_3IMG_3707Again, not impressed.


IMG_3673Then we took him to see Santa!  Everyone loves Santa!

IMG_3675Right?IMG_8891Oh. Nope.

Onto our trip to MN!
shawnnathompson_christmas_4I mean, if that isn’t the most kissable face you’ve ever seen…. Crosby looks pretty cute too. Heh. Heh.shawnnathompson_christmas_5

shawnnathompson_christmas_sixCrosby and Rudy.  Total BFFs.

shawnnathompson_christmas_3Girl cousins!

IMG_3808And boy cousins!  Also, please note the zubaz in the lower left corner of this picture.  No, that’s not me.  It’s my brother.  I’m way classier than zubaz.

shawnnathompson_christmas_1Oh wait.shawnnathompson_christmas_7Two chins are better than one. Is our family motto.


I would have liked to post about a bajillion other photos but my wordpress/dashboard is giving me a helluva time today.  But, I’m sure there is enough self-indulgence in this post to last you until next time.  Right?

Happy New Year, ya muggles! xo

some thoughts on being a big kid, and other friday stuff.

shawnnathompson_nov21_2Happy Friday friends and loved ones!  I know what you’re thinking.  TWO blog posts in one week?  Who am I even?  Well, when the mood strikes and the baby is occupied and all the stars align – blogs will be blogged.

Let me just fill you in on the current state of affairs as I type this.  I’m curled up on the bed with the baby and both dogs spread out in various spots around me… I’m also pumping, Eddie is licking his bubbles, Gus is trying to climb over me to snag the napkin with leftover crumbs from my peanut butter toast breakfast, and Crosby is happy as a clam, staring at the wall.  We’re a classy bunch, we are.  But it’s nice really, when everyone is calm-ish.  I know it won’t last long… Crosby’s wall stares have a shelf life of about 15 minutes tops before he wants to move on to bigger and better things.  Like staring directly into the light, which is another one of his favorites.  It’s so sweet, how entertained he gets looking at nothing in particular.  Don’t you wish it were that easy for everyone?  Like, hey you’re bored?  Here, look at this piece of lint for the next 10-20 mins.  Problem solved.  Anyways, it’s so nice to see him happy and content, kicking around and make baby noises (some of them coming from his booty area).  One of my favorite things to do lately is to sit right next to him, say his name and then see how long it takes for him to find me.   ……….  So yah, maybe I am just as easily entertained as he is.

It’s a slow going morning and here’s why.  I went out with some pals last night and had two glasses of wine.  Two.  Rookie stuff.  Nevertheless, I woke up this morning with a smashing headache and the desire to lay in bed all day watching reruns of RHOBH (Jacquelyn! Jacquelyn! …It’s Joyce.)  But, guess what?  I don’t really have that option anymore.  I’ve got dogs to feed, a baby to change, boobs that need milking…  Ain’t nobody got time for my laziness.  I need to put my big girl pants on (literally) and take care of business.

It’s funny how adult-y having a baby makes you feel.  Sure, I technically was a grown up before Crosby… but now I just feel different.  Right?  Like, I have responsibilities beyond just myself now.  I’m responsible for another person’s well-being.  Sure, I could still each chips all day and have Bravo on in the background, but now those actions don’t just affect me.  I eat chips, Crosby eats chips.  I watch Bravo, Crosby watches Bravo.  And then his first word is “cougar”.  But you know what I mean?  I need to be responsible, at all times.  And I’m just so aware of that now.  Sometimes when I’m driving around with Crosby in the backseat, or I’m out grocery shopping and wearing him in his wrap, I’ll catch my reflection in a window and it’s shocking how grown up I appear.  I’m someone’s MOM.  People had better take me seriously.

All that said, I’m still just as ridiculously immature and sarcastic as I used to be so you should probably just disregard this entire post.

What else can I bore you with?  We just today realized that we missed Gus’s birthday.  It was on Tuesday.  He’s 3 now.  Considering he used to be our #1 pride and joy (in fact I wrote a whole blog post about him on his 2nd birthday), it’s pretty monumental that we’ve missed his big day.  So he’ll be getting extra belly rubs today.  And maybe I’ll even let him tear into that peanut butter napkin he’s still eyeing…

Now that I’ve no doubt bored you to tears with my terribly exciting stories, I will bid you adieu.  To yer and yer and yer. (Anyone that gets that reference gets 5 points in my book.  Of points.)shawnnathompson_nov21_1But first, indulge me in another picture of this chubby face.  Oh, and Crosby too.

ooh child, things are gonna get easier.


Hi friends!  First of all, I want to say thank you times a million to the lovely people who reached out or sent messages after my last post.  I really had no idea that so many of our friends and family had gone through such similar reflux/colic/crybaby situations.  Though it seems like many of your experiences were much much worse than ours.  Bless your hearts.  Your stories and reassurances and suggestions (especially the ones that included wine) were taken to heart and I sincerely appreciate it.  I would never wish a crying baby on anyone, but I must say it’s nice to be in the company of so many amazing mamas and papas.  Kindred spirits and all that jazz.

Want to hear the good news?  Crosby’s reflux medication seems to be working!  (She says as she knocks on every piece of wood in a 12-mile radius.)  I’ve been super hesitant to actually say that for fear of jinxing us and having it all blow up in my face.  But we’ve been going on a week+ of pretty good days.  Don’t get me wrong, baby boy still has his moments and meltdowns but it’s nothing like it was a few weeks ago.  And the biggest change is that his tummy pain seems to be under control.  Thank all the gods.  Nothing worse than seeing a baby, especially your own baby, in pain.  And especially when it revolves around food.  Food is one of the best thing in life.  I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy eating.  (Says the lady who still has 10 pounds of baby weight to lose.)  Anyways.  Please join me in crossing your fingers, toes and any other loose appendages and praying that the medication continues to work.  Forever and ever amen.

Switching gears. Can I be basic for a moment and talk about how I can’t believe the holidays are almost here.  Can you?  Are you ready?  Have you decorated already?  Did you start Christmas shopping yet?  Did you hear about those two people who are already in line at Best Buy for Black Friday?  I’ve never really participated in Black Friday shopping so I don’t totally understand.  I mean, yes, you get a great deal on something… but is it really worth standing in line for 2 friggin weeks?  Am I missing something?  I don’t understand the desire to camp on the cement for weeks in order to save $14 on a CD-ROM or whatever.  No but really.  Why is this becoming such a phenomenon?  This camping out for Black Friday business.  Unless, is there free food associated with it?  Because then I might understand.

I repeat: 10 pounds of baby weight.

Anyways.  Even though they’ve crept up so quickly this year, I could not be more excited to experience the holidays with my babybooboomunchkinsmoochyface.  I’m giddy just thinking about bringing Crosby to pick out a Christmas tree, and to see Santa, and to see Christmas lights for the first time!  Even though he has no idea what Christmas is or who Santa is or you know, that he even has eyes yet…  ….. Well you know what it’s not really about him is it?  It’s about ME.  And I’m pumped.  Casey and I have been talking about starting some new family traditions now that there are three of us.  Which is terribly exciting but also there’s lots of pressure to come up with traditions that we won’t break in a year or two or 10.  You know what they say… a broken tradition is the number one cause of rebellion and crime in young children.  No not really, nobody says that.  But I really want to come up with ideas that we can and will want to continue for many years.  Anyone have any good ideas that we can steal?  All I can come up with are things that revolve around food.

Update: 11 pounds of baby weight.  I just ate a donut.

Welp.  I’ve written just about this entire post with one hand while holding a donut Crosby in the other.  So let’s do us all a favor and move onto the photo portion of this field trip.  Which includes pics from when my mom and stepdad were here, and then when Casey’s parents were here, and then other cute pics of my baby just because.  Go forth and prosper.

shawnnthompson_nov17_3shawnnathompson_nov17_4shawnnathompson_nov17_5shawnnathompson_nov17_6 shawnnathompson_nov17_7shawnnathompson_nov17_8 shawnnathompson_nov17_9 shawnnathompson_nov17_11 shawnnathompson_nov17_12 shawnnathompson_nov17_13 shawnnathompson_nov17_1shawnnathompson_nov17_14shawnnathompson_nov17_15shawnnathompson_nov17_16

This kid is a natural at the deadpan stare.  I have a feeling he’s going to speak fluent sarcasm when he’s older, just like his mama…. Poor Casey.

the little pumpkin that cried: a tale of a two-month old.

Hi friends!  I sincerely apologize for the radio silence around here lately.  Every day/week I have high hopes of making a blog post but you know.  Other stuff just gets in the way…. baby, laundry, episodes of The Voice, yadda yadda yadda.

But if we’re being honest here, the real reason I haven’t posted lately is that we’ve had a difficult last few weeks.  We’re not 100% sure why yet but for the past month, Crosby has been upset and crying.  Like, all the time.  And it’s been exhausting and defeating trying to find out why.  We’ve been doing research and of course everyone has an opinion on what’s going on with him… lactation consultants have been consulted (it’s a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance!), family and friends have been questioned (it’s colic! call a chiropractor! allergies!), google has been pillaged (your baby has some incurable disease!)…  and the latest diagnosis from our pediatrician is that our little dude likely has acid reflux.  We’ve started him on some medication and fingers crossed that this is the answer we’ve been looking for.

Because honestly guys?  It’s been really hard.  Yes, it’s exhausting and frustrating and LOUD.  But by far the worst part is seeing my little guy so sad and not knowing why or what I can do make him feel better.  It seems unnatural that I can’t immediately figure it out and fix it for him.  I guess I should get used to that feeling?  Many days I feel like all I do, all day long, is attempt to stop him from crying.  I keep searching for THE solution to soothe him (he likes it when you swaddle him with this blanket, hold him at a 45 degree angle, bounce at a rate of 2 up-and-downs per second, while running the vacuum cleaner, rubbing your stomach and patting your head...) but what works once never seems to work again.  And even when I do manage to calm him, I get anxiety waiting for him to start crying again.  Sigh.  Hold me.

I learned very early on, actually during Crosby’s birth, to throw all my expectations out the window.  Because things are not ever going to go the way I imagined them to.  But still, it’s hard to not feel a little bummed that our baby’s second month has been so hard.  Especially when I see other moms and babies who seem to have it all together.  I find myself getting jealous of friends who post pictures of their happy, smiling babies on Facebook or Instagram… I envy the other moms in baby class whose little one’s lay happily on their backs without screaming bloody murder… I even resent the perfect babies on the diaper commercials who just smile and giggle up at their stupid perfect mothers.  Sidenote: wouldn’t it be great if diaper commercials were realistic?  Like, instead of showing a picture-perfect mother cuddling her stylish newborn on a white couch while wearing a beige sweater set, they should show a woman in her sweatpants and bra, her hair held up by a chip clip, softly singing Hall & Oates “Maneater” to her baby who is juuuust about to fall asleep inside a padded laundry basket that she’s been jiggling just so for the last 20 minutes, until her dogs bark at the mailman and then the baby wakes up, shits his pants and starts screaming. Or you know, whatever.

Where was I?  Ahh yes, jealousy.  I’m working on letting it go.  I found a quote from Teddy Roosevelt the other day that I love, which is “comparison is the thief of joy”.  Hashtag truth.  I’ve been repeating it to myself lately whenever I find myself envying another parent or baby.  Because I know that every single one of them has something they’re dealing with.  Or will deal with.  And it’s probably much much worse than what we’re working through.  And even if it’s not, I shouldn’t compare our story to theirs.

So now is when I reassure you that it’s not all whomp whomp over here.  Promise.  The afternoons and evenings can be rough but Crosby is actually a pretty happy baby in the morning.  And in between meltdowns, we’ve had a lot of fun with our chubby little guy.  He actually started to smile two weeks ago.  If you ever want to hear the most deranged sounds come out of a grown woman’s mouth, watch her see her baby smile for the first time.  I’m pretty sure the first time I saw it, I regurgitated a foghorn…  and then I burst into tears because hormones.  It was pure joy.  We also celebrated Casey’s 30th birthday.  (!!!OLD!!)  And Crosby had his very first non-family-member babysitter.  (Thanks Rebecca!  So sorry Crosby’s 5-day constipation streak ended on your watch…)  We also just had my mom and stepdad here visiting last week, which I am HOPING to write a separate post about very soon.  (At the rate I’m going, you can expect to see it here in about 3-7 months.  Stay tuned.)  And of course, we got to experience Crosby’s first Halloween!  We kicked off the day at the doctor’s office… I’m an asshole and scheduled Crosby’s 2-month shots on Halloween morning.  Apparently I couldn’t wait to expose my child to his first Halloween scare.  Luckily Cros took the shots like a champ and then was alarmingly chill the rest of the day.  Chill enough to wear his costume and not cry through a Halloween party at Casey’s office.  I’m slightly disappointed in myself for not putting together a more creative costume for him… homemade costumes are usually my jam, but this year a $6 consignment store pumpkin suit was too perfect to pass up.  Wanna see?

shawnnathompson_halloween_6 shawnnathompson_halloween_5 shawnnathompson_halloween_4 shawnnathompson_halloween_3shawnnathompson_halloween_7 shawnnathompson_halloween_2Heart explosion.

SO that’s what we’ve been up to lately!  Here’s hoping the meds work and I’ll be back here again soon with stories of happiness, more smiles, and poop.  There will always be poop.

thoughts on fall, maternity leave and baby transportation.

Can I be a lame for a second and talk about how I can’t believe it’s already October?   I seriously feel like it was just August… and then I blinked and it was fall.  And by “blinked” I mean, I had a baby and the entire month of September became a blur of run-on days and nights that somehow manifested themselves into a full month.  And now here we are in the heart of October and I’m so caught off guard by it.  Normally I’m all about the fall-type activities and Halloween planning and cider and pumpkin-flavored everything!  So far this year, the only pumpkins in our house are the two that are hanging off my chest.  Speaking of which, I need to pump… BRB.

I’m back.  Where was I?  Ah yes, jack o’lantern boobs.  Let’s just agree to move on, shall we?

So what I’m really thinking about now that we’re knee-deep into fall is that the clock is already ticking on my maternity leave.  Sob.  I’m really so incredibly lucky to have a full four months at home with Crosby before I go back to work and I so very much want to make the most of it.  And that’s what’s been on my mind lately, making sure that I’m taking advantage of these precious few months that are already flying by.

That said, I’m still figuring it all out.  And trying to establish a “routine”.  Whatever that means.  It’s a work in progress… and lately I’ve realized that I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself when I’m home alone with Crosby during the week.  Like I need to be completing a certain amount of tasks each day in order to be considered productive.  I think because I’m not technically “working”, I feel like I need to manage more of our home life.  I have this endless to-do list in my head of things I want to get done each day, beyond just taking care of Crosby.  Like I should be able to take care of the baby and get all the housework done and take care of the dogs and run errands and BLOG! and and and.  Some days it all works out… other days I’m lucky if I’m out of my pj’s by 8pm.  And when those “other” days happen, I feel disappointed in myself for not having accomplished more.  It’s silly really.  Because the thing of it is, and what I’m trying to remind myself, is that taking care of Crosby IS my job right now.  And it’s a very full-time job.  The most important job of my life so far.  Definitely more important than multitasking everything, to the point where I might miss out on little moments with my kid.  I mean, it’s great if I can have dinner on the table by the time Casey gets home from work… but if I can’t, it’s so not the end of the world.  Right?  (Especially given my culinary prowess these days.  Last week I put coconut milk, diced tomatoes and rice in the crockpot and called it soup.  Yeesh.)

Right.  So.  Being in the moment.  Letting go of lists.  Loving on my baby.  That’s my fall horoscope.

Regardless of how chaotic our day is or isn’t, I do try to take Crosby and the dogs for a walk every day.  It’s taken some getting used to – managing all those boys.  They’re a lot to wrangle.  Especially when my small but mighty dogs become distracted by… anything.  I’m constantly scanning the ground for squirrels or rogue hamburger buns, either of which could be the trigger that causes the pups to bolt and pull my arm out of its socket.  It’s physical AND mental exercise, you see?  And of course I want to make sure Crosby is as safe as possible, so we’ve been testing out all our different baby transportation options to find the one that works the best for us.  What do I mean by baby transportation, you ask?  Well, we have our stroller…. with all the fixings.  We also have an Ergo.  And then we have a Boba wrap.  We also have a Solly wrap on loan from a friend.  And then of course I have just like, my bare arms.  But!  Who knew there were so many ways to get a baby from point A to point B?  The jury is still out on which one is our favorite but I do feel a bit like a douche for having so many.  I remember before Crosby was born, when we said we wouldn’t be the type of people who hoarded baby junk.  We were totally like, let’s just get this ONE kind of thing and it’ll work perfectly and our baby will love it!  ……. HA.  And now we’re totally like give me ALL of the things, in order to find the one that will keep him calm happy and/or quiet.  Right?

So that’s all we have for today.  And look!  I can cross off blogging from list for today!  Aren’t you so very glad? ;)

And now, a few pictures from a mini photo shoot on our couch.  Here we go!

shawnnathompson_maternityleave_2Every once in a while homeboy will whip out the cross-eyes.  And then we call him Crossby.  Because we’re hilarious, fantastic parents.

shawnnathompson_maternityleave_1Crossby does not appreciate the joke.

shawnnathompson_maternityleave_6Not at all.

shawnnathompson_maternityleave_5No I mean, he really hates it.  And then we start to feel bad…

shawnnathompson_maternityleave_8So then I tell him we’ll buy him a pony to make up for it.

shawnnathompson_maternityleave_3And then we’re cool again. Let’s be honest. He OWNS us.

crosbaby’s newbie photos.

Baby Crosby (017 of 044)

A couple of weeks ago Casey and I had some newborn/family photos taken at our home by a darling and talented photographer.  Crosby was just barely 2 weeks old at the time and it’s absolutely crazy to look at these and see how much he has changed since then.  His cheeks are now (a whole lot) chubbier, he’s much more alert and active, and dare I say – I think he’s actually lost a little bit of hair since then?  But let’s get one thing straight, no one can pull off a receding hairline like my son.  MY SON.  That is still so weird to say.

Anyways, I’m going to let the photos do the talking in this blog post because they’re pretty amazing.  What’s also amazing is that I now have documentation that I actually did my hair once since Crosby was born.

Warning: photo overload comin atcha. Blammo.

Baby Crosby (001 of 044)Baby Crosby (002 of 044)Baby Crosby (003 of 044)Baby Crosby (010 of 044)Baby Crosby (011 of 044)Baby Crosby (015 of 044)Baby Crosby (016 of 044)Baby Crosby (020 of 044)UntitledBaby Crosby (023 of 044)Baby Crosby (042 of 044)Baby Crosby (036 of 044)Baby Crosby (022 of 044)Untitled2Baby Crosby (025 of 044)Baby Crosby (018 of 044)Baby Crosby (031 of 044)

And they all lived happily ever after…

..until later that day when Crosby had a blowout and pooped on my nice clean maternity jeans.

three weeks in.

shawnnathompson_threeweeks_3So we’re three weeks into our new normal and I’d like to think we have established somewhat of a routine, but mostly we’re still in survival mode.  As in, let’s just figure out how to get through the next 20 minutes and then we’ll go from there.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately… and isn’t it the strangest thing that you get pregnant, have a baby and then you are just supposed to know how to take care of it?  Other than your own experiences growing up and taking baby classes, there is no real training to be a parent.  I mean, you have to have more training to get your driver’s license than you do to have a baby.  Which doesn’t really seem right, right?  And these poor babies, they have no idea that we have no idea what we’re doing.  Maybe it’s a good thing they can’t remember these early years… otherwise their first memories would be their parents looking at each other and saying things like “is it supposed to be that color?” and “will his eyes stay crossed forever?”   But hey, you know what?  Our little man is healthy and cute and getting fatter everyday so I think we’re doing ok so far?

We’ve definitely had our fair share of ups and downs over the past few weeks.  Admittedly I was not prepared for how overwhelming everything would be.  And really, how can you possibly prepare yourself for having your world turn upside down in the blink of an eye?  Or the slice of scalpel.  (Too much?)  The first few weeks were overrun with aches and pains, exhaustion, love, anxiety, and of course, emotions.  DAMN the emotions!  I talked a little bit about that in this post, and will likely talk about it at some point again.  And again.  For today though, we’ll just say that all of the emotions?  I’ve had them.

But hey.  It’s true what they say.  Every day gets a little bit easier.  Every day we get a little more used to our new bedtime routines and 2am wake up calls.  We get a little more accustomed to knowing we may not get a shower today.  Or tomorrow.  (Wait, what’s a shower again?)  We’re getting better at not freaking out every time Crosby cries.  We know we’ll figure it out.  We’re getting really good at peeing while holding a baby.  We’re also getting used to having dishes pile up and being okay with it.  We’ll get to it.  We understand that our time isn’t just ours anymore and that this adorable little creature relies on us to be cool with that.   We know that it will and is getting easier every day.  Can I get an amen?

Lucky for us, Crosby is a pretty good baby.  (Knock on seventeen billion pieces of wood)  I mean, we think he’s a good baby.  We really have nothing to compare this to?  But I’d say that on a scale from 1 to Gary Busey, he’s a 4.  He mostly reserves his crying fits for when he’s got crap in his pants or needs to be fed.  And who can argue with that logic?  We hear ya kid.  But speaking of being fed, one of the biggest shocks to me has been the time and energy it takes to feed a baby.  And the challenges that come along with it.  Again, this is probably something I’ll talk about in more detail in the future, but for today I will just give a word of warning to any pregnant pals out there.  Prepare yourself for spending some long hours feeding your little love.  Buy a comfy rocking chair.  Stock up on magazines.  If you’re planning to or find yourself needing to pump, buy this adorable hands free tube top.  Get your lactation consultant on speed dial.  And most importantly, prepare yourself mentally for when your baby gets milk caught in their throat.  Not in a choking way, just in a gurgly YOU NEED TO CLEAR YOUR THROAT kind of way.  Because you know what?  Babies don’t know how to clear their throats.  So it will be up to you to keep your composure, no matter how much that raspy phlemy breathing squicks you out.

And cue the terrible quality iphone pictures of my cute baby!

shawnnathompson_threeweeks_1 shawnnathompson_threeweeksThese pictures above were taken on Crosby’s actual due date.  Also known as the day I dressed him up like Harry from Home Alone and let that leaf fly into his mouth.  Ya see it stuck in there?

shawnnathompson_threeweeks_7If he wasn’t mine, I’d kidnap him.

shawnnathompson_threeweeks_6“You have a baby!  In a BAR!”  Name that movie….shawnnathompson_threeweeks_5You know, I wouldn’t mind being fed wine this way….

shawnnathompson_threeweeks_4shawnnathompson_threeweeks_9Every morning at 9am we listen to Eminem and work on our white boy street cred.

shawnnathompson_threeweeks_10And then promptly at 10am we put on matching outfits and talk about how he’s never leaving me.

shawnnathompson_threeweeks_11And then my heart explodes.

God bless all the new mamas and papas out there.  You’re doin a great job.