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whatdya know? more rain. and more visitors!

IMG_1490The thing about Portland is, you get used to the rain. The gray and the drizzle become familiar.  Wearing rain boots to the grocery store is part of the routine. And it becomes second nature to carry around a stocking cap (although I’ve been told that calling it a “stocking cap” makes me sound verrry midwestern) lest your hairs be all frizzy when you get to brunch.  But that’s Portland.  That’s what’s it all about.  Kind of like the hokey pokey.

But then there are the days where you look up at the sky and you see that spot… that spot where the sun should be, but isn’t.  And you shake your pale fists at that gray piece of sky and curse the raindrops that are landing in your freshly-applied mascara.  Because really Portland, enough is enough.

This weekend it rained like mother-effing crap, again.  Big surprise.  BUT this time it was totally, definitely, absolutely bearable because temps reached the low 60’s!   Baby steps, people.  Tiny, rainy baby steps.  Combined with the fact that we got to move our clocks ahead an hour (cheers to driving home from work in the daygraylight!) and the fact that my little bro and his lady are here visiting for their spring break (cheers to a cray spring break in rainy Portland!) we had a pretty lovely weekend.  Real great, in fact.

The young ones are here with us for most of this next week so we’re sending them on some exciting little day trips while we go have to go to work.  Blerg.  I’m excited though to get home and hear about their adventures.  And to see Portland through their fresh, young, un-bagged eyes.  And to find out if they had anything for lunch that I should know about…  But really, it’s so fun to have them here, exploring our city.  Because at the end of the day, we really love this little Stumptown.  And having family come visit it and love it as well makes our rain-soaked hearts happy.

IMG_1468 IMG_1466[ and then all my dreams came true. sea salt caramel pepcorn. ] IMG_1459

IMG_1457 [ ^^ this one is for you ned! peas enjoy this greeting curd.^^ ]bridgepeopleIMG_1470IMG_1474beer1[ ^^ differing views on ipa’s ^^ ]IMG_1477 [ ^^ til death do us part ^^ ]thompsies

Peas out!

full-figured tuesday.

IMG_0008It’s Fat Tuesday, y’all!  Which is just, really really great.  Any “holiday” with the word “fat” in it is “ok by me”.  If ya know what I mean.  We had a potluck at work and I almost can’t even tell you what I brought because it’s actually too embarrassingly healthy to be cool on Fat Tuesday.  But wait, hear me out.  Before I decided what to bring, everyone else claimed things like mac and cheese, beer cheese soup, cheese dip, king cake, etc. etc.  So I says to myself, hey… lady, you could either bring one more thing smothered in cheese, OR you could bring something pseudo-healthy and maybe decrease your chances of needing to unbutton your pants at 1pm.  So, that’s what I did.  I made caprese skewers.  (Thanks for the idea, ma!)  Which are actually so so good and they DO have cheese in them so you know, still par for the course.  Fear not though, I still wore an extra baggy shirt in case I needed to.. ahem… loosen the pantaloons this afternoon.  I’m no fool.

Tonight I’m going to a show at one of my favorite venues in Portland to see the MarchFourth Marching Band, which is this awesome Portland-based group that’s part big band, part funk group, part burlesque-type situation.  Which makes total sense, right?  It’s Fat Tuesday!  Anything goes!  Or something.  I’ve never seen them before but I’ve heard great things. And I played the clarinet in marching band in high school so I’ll probably be totally in my element… although I have a feeling these guys will be a wee bit more entertaining than a bunch high school jerks playing “Shadows of the Night” while marching through the streets of Alexandria, MN.  Poor Pat Benatar… she will forevermore remind me high-waisted white pants, orthopedic shoes and clarinet reeds.   My glory days, some might say.  Or not say.


Happy Fat Tuesday to you and your skinny jeans.  Godspeed.

resolving 2013.


We’ve covered Christmas, so let’s talk New Year’s!

First of all….yay!  You lasted another year and didn’t perish.  Good for you!

Did you make your resolutions for 2014?  I sure didn’t.   Eff that.  Last year, I attempted to take the pressure off and instead of making resolutions, I made a bucket list of sorts.  Just little a few things I wanted to do throughout 2013.   None of it was super unrealistic, but I still kinda failed at it.  Let’s take a look at how I fared, shall we?

  • Volunteer. (Sadly, no. But one time I offered to get Casey a glass of water.)
  • Take a cooking class. (Nope. Unless watching the Biggest Loser counts?)
  • Take a trip with my husband.  (Yes!  We went to Montana AND Arizona!  And Minnesota a couple times.  #dreambig)
  • Blog more. (Doubt it.  Sorry friends.  But I have been contributing to the blog once a week, so maybe?)
  • See my best friends. (Yes! We finally made our first annual girls trip happen last March in Austin, Tejas.  And stay tuned because the 2nd annual trip is happenin’ in one month in LA!  We’re really doin’ it Har!)
  • Run another 1/2 marathon. (Oh, whoops I couldn’t quite read that one, there was too much french fry grease on my screen)
  • Keep a journal. (Does a mediocre blog count?)
  • See more live music. (We’ve actually been to a few live shows… but still not as many as I’d hoped.  We did, however, get season tickets to Broadway, which technically is live music?  For nerds.)
  • Swim in the ocean. (Does swimming in a pool count?  If so, I still failed).
  • Teach my dog to fetch. (Gus & Eddie can totally fetch my underwear out of the hamper. Win.)
  • Get a massage. (Oh, totally.  I got the best one ever from one of those massaging pedicure chairs at the nail salon last summer.)
  • Take more pictures. (Yes, definitely.  Especially since we became professional fotografers.)
  • Go on a road trip. (We drove to the coast a whole bunch of times, so I’m saying yes.)
  • Buy a house. (Nailed it!)

So… ya see.  I did ok.  But still not great.  Therefore I’m foregoing any kind of resolution so I don’t disappoint myself come 2015 (holy what!? that is crazy to think about).

This year I just want to focus on having a whole bunch of fun and adventures with my little family.

Gus and Eddie are totes on board.  Don’t they look like the ultimate fun-havers?…

fam fam

From my family to yours,

Peace, love and gym memberships.


see ya, christmas!


Tis the season for long overdue Christmas posts!

We’ve been back from MN for about a week now and I still can’t quite comprehend that the holidays are over.  What a crock.

Every year on New Year’s Day I want to punch someone in the face because it’s just too depressing not to.  Know what I mean?  There’s so much funness all through November and December and then Jan 1st hits and it’s kaPOW!  Congratulations! You have absolutely nothing to look forward to until the 4th of July!  Ugh, it’s the pits.

But but.  We did have a really great trip to Minnesota, which I’m trying to keep in mind every time I start winding up to Hulk Hogan someone in the head.  Despite the fact that it was -25 below the night we arrived (death), the trip was jam-packed full of family, seafood, presents, Folgers, bowling, and Chevy Chase, of course.  We were lucky enough to be back for a full week and we really tried our darndest to see as many people as possible.  We had 6 Christmas get–together in 7 days.  Mission accomplished, I’d say.  Also, pass the wine.

It’s funny how after so many years of splitting Christmas with the families, we look forward to different things at each place.  Casey’s family, we always “go back” to his Grandma’s where potato sausage and lefse are in abundance and the battle to steal the scratch-offs in the gift exchange will ultimately end the night.  At my mom and stepdad’s, we know we will eat 12 times per day, but always make sure that we save room for popcorn + a movie before we pass out in a food coma on the most comfortable bed in existance.  And at my Dad and stepmom’s, we know there will be some (ahem) competitive game playing, beer and Christmas Vacation.

I now ask you to pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, lefse and beer and check out an onslaught of the Minnesnowta Chrismost.  Here we go, weeeeeee!

famfam[ ^^ these family photos ^^ show our progression throughout the week – we started classy and ended weird.  also, brother ben’s face in the bottom photo… i can’t even…. ]thomps 2thomps 7thomps 4thomps 3thomps 5photo 2 (1)[ baby jeebus granted us a 32 degree Christmas day.  hallelujah! ]gehring 1gehring 2[ mastering the art of photobombing. ]gehring 4gehring 5gehring 6IMG_5358vk 4vk 1vk 5vk 6[ brothers, getting the giggs while playing Quelf.  worst name for the best game. ]vk 8 [ in addition to my abundance of chins,
i also inherited my papa’s love of Christmas Vacation. :) ]

Mele Kalikamaka, my friends.