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thoughts on baby showers.

I don’t know whose genius idea it first was to throw a party and give a bunch of adorable junk to first-time parents, but I’d like to tip my invisible hat to that person.  Baby showers are a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.  And a pretty big lifesaver (probably literally) since Casey and I are rookies at this and really have no idea what kind of paraphernalia we need to care for an actual newborn person.  In fact, our initial attempts to build a baby registry consisted of us walking into Babies R Us, getting really overwhelmed and saying things like “I have no idea what this is but I’m pretty sure we NEED it”, while looking at baby leg warmers or something equally as ridiculous. There’s just so much stuff and we need people to tell us what’s necessary or not.

Casey and I have been spoiled enough to have 3 showers thrown for us already.   (I also just had a non-traditional baby shower/girls weekend in Palm Springs this past weekend, which I will probs blog about later this week.  Whoop!) I guess technically the showers were thrown for me and the baby but I like to lump Casey in there because I don’t want him to get the impression that all the stuff is just for me to use. Because let’s be real clear Casey, you will be using all this stuff JUST as much as I will.  Ya hear?  ….except maybe the breast pump.

Sidenote: Casey calls onesies, “onies”.  Because he’s a 14 year-old boy and still thinks weed jokes are hilar.

Ok, ok, where were we?  Yes so we’ve had 3 showers thrown for us already.  Two in MN and one in Portland.  They were so much fun, so sweet and lovely and made Casey and I feel incredibly loved.  And we now basically have every material thing we need to bring this little one into the world.  Diaper rash cream and nuks and burp cloths and blankets galore… and heaps and heaps of the cutest white, yellow and gray clothing.  Because that’s what you get when you have an unidentified fetus: white, yellow and gray.  That our child will undeniably barf and crap all over.  I truly cannot wait.

Here are a few photos from our three fantastical showers, if you care to see….

shower1_2.jpg[ My mom found some of my old books from when I was a kid.  And I was apparently very protective of them. I guess I’ll have to be ok with sharing them with Tiny Thomps.

Also, this Toot book we received is a gas!

I’m sorry, please don’t leave me. ]

IMG_2365 IMG_2367shower2_1shower2_2[ The sweetest little helper – my nephew Harmon.  If I wasn’t having my own kid, I’d probs steal him. ]

IMG_2378[ Berenstein Bears, guys! ]

shower2-1.jpg[ 3 generations – maybe 4 if that lovely lady bump is carrying a girl ]


IMG_2445Shawnna's Baby Shower - July 2014 - 23

First come the showers, then come the thank you’s.  I typically chill out in the procrastination station when it comes to sending thank you’s.  But this time I had some super cute personalized thank you cards that were generously provided by Tinyprints, which made the thanking process so much fun.  Gender-neutral-personalized-seafoam-green-thank-you-cards for the win!

thankyou1.jpgIMG_2439 thankyou2

I’ll have you know that I sat at this table and wrote thank you’s for 4 solid hours.  The amount of cankle that was produced from this activity was truly astonishing.  No joke.

Thank you again to everyone who threw us showers, came to our showers or who sent gifts.  We really truly appreciate your generosity.  Now can someone please come show us how to how to raise our child?  Thanks.

bumpdate: 31 weeks


Weeks: 31 weeks
Baby is the size of: A pineapple! I’ve been waiting this whole pregnancy for the baby to be the size of a pineapple. I feel very accomplished this week.
Weight gain: [pig snout emoji]
Cravings: Maybe it’s because it’s hotter than shit outside or maybe it’s a craving, but I can’t stop with the ice cream. Such a cliché. A delicious, magical cliché. I like to think that I’m craving the calcium. Just go with it.
Sleep: Ugh, getting worse and worse. Every sleep position is uncomfortable even though I’m surrounded by eleventeen pillows. This gut is  It’s like sleeping after eating 17 Thanksgiving meals.  So… any sleep suggestions for these last 9 weeks would be moderately to severely appreciated.
Movement: The baby has taken up hiccuping at least 3-5 times a day. You’d think the amniotic fluid was made of Coors Lite at the rate that this kid hiccups. #lightweight
Symptoms: The cankles are in full effect, my friends. Especially in this heat wave we’ve been having. I point them out regularly to Casey, who then lovingly refers to me as Professor Klump.  Perhaps I should start incorporating pics of my canks in these bumpdates, so you can all follow along on the slow disappearance of my ankle bones.
Missing: The second trimester. Those were the glory days.
Happenings: I lost a blueberry down my bra all day yesterday. I felt it fall in when I took a bite out of my breakfast in the morning, tried to fish it out, failed, went on with my day, got home and changed into a sports bra to go for a walk, and out fell that blueberry. And then Gus ate it. I should probably get used to small creatures consuming things that come out my bra.

…you know… a lot of these bumpdates consist of me talking about the crappy or weird parts of being preg. And while there definitely are some crappy and weird parts, they definitely don’t represent how I feel about this pregnancy overall. So today I feel compelled to type out loud, that I kinda love being pregnant… and I am genuinely ecstatically excited to meet this little womb dweller. To be perfectly honest (and here’s the part where every other pregnant woman can go ahead and hate me) I’ve had a really easy pregnancy. My symptoms and side effects have been minor, and although I come back here every few weeks to chat about cankles and belly hair, I honestly wouldn’t change my experience for anything.

What I’m trying to say is, pregnancy (for me) has been amazing. I’ve loved every second of it. And I want to remember that. I also want to remember that right now at this very moment I have a shooting pain of fire going through my right boob. So maybe I should just shut my pie-hole and stop jinxing myself with all this “easy pregnancy” talk.

Bumpdate #9, over and out.



bumpdate: 28 weeks

28weeksWeeks:  28.  AKA third trimester. AKA ohmygawd.
Baby is the size of: An eggplant.
Weight gain: Yup.
Cravings: Nothing new.  Except I want to drink the shit out of this. How good does that look??  Now, who would like to come over and make it for me?
Sleep:  Meh.  Ok-ish.  Although I’ve been awoken by some gnarly charley horses in my legs more often than necessary lately.  Did you know that Australians call charley horses “corkies”?  Isn’t that something?
Movement:  I can see the baby moving through my clothes these days, which is sort of the coolest thing ever.  I find myself staring down at my belly quite often, waiting to see a little tap or a big shift… I’m sure I look really normal and not weird at all to anyone who might be observing.
Symptoms:  Heavy breathing.  No, but seriously.  Breathing is a challenge lately.  And I didn’t really understand this side effect until I saw a picture of how smushed pregnant women’s lungs get when there’s a human taking up all the space on the insides.  It’s pretty remarkable.  I had a really stupid day yesterday and came home from work feeling bummed and bloated and just altogether weird (yayyyy hormones).  As soon as I got home, I hoisted myself onto our bed, cried for no good reason and just heavy breathed for like, 30 minutes.  Casey brought me mac and cheese to make me feel better, and I kept thinking that if I happened to be on a reality TV show, my life in that moment would have been so hysterically depressing to watch.  So, anyway.  The moral of that story is heavy breathing.
Missing:  98% of my wardrobe.  I recently tried on a few of my pre-pregnancy dresses, in hopes of finding something to wear to one of my baby showers.  What a disaster. I knew that my belly had grown, obvi, but I clearly underestimated my basketball boobs and an ass that now requires it’s own zip code.  What I’m saying is, there’s a reason for maternity clothes, my friends.  And if I could please have all the Hatch pregnancy clothes, I’d happily stay pregnant forevs.
Happenings:  We made it through the dreaded birthing videos at our last baby class.  I was pretty nervous about seeing the videos, I’ll be honest.  I hadn’t ever watched an actual birth, from the angle of the, ahem, nether regions, and I was psyching myself up for seeing all kinds of mass chaos.  But really, the videos were pretty tasteful and there were barely any crotch-shots.  Which is all you can really hope for in life, right?

IMG_2405 IMG_2412 IMG_2418Fun story.  The espadrilles I’m wearing in these photos are a tad too big for me.  So in an effort to keep them on my feet, I tried to find something to stuff into the front of them to make them more snug.  I first tried toilet paper, but it sort of crumbled and then I had little bits of TP stuck to my feet all day.  Next I tried cotton, but that keep getting caught in my toes and was uncomfortable.  Finally, I found the perfect, soft, tiny solution.  Baby socks.  That’s right, I borrowed my unborn child’s socks and stuffed them into the front of my shoes.  I really don’t think the baby minds, and I fully intend on giving them back to him/her once they exit the womb and actually have the need for socks.

I’m already rethinking telling that story…

bumpdate: 26 weeks

Baby is the size of:  A head of lettuce, which does not coincide with my cravings.
Weight gain: TBD at next weeks Dr appointment.  I’m scared.  I FEEL heavy, like I could bust through my chair… or my shoes… or the earth at any moment.
Cravings: I’ve been craving BBQ lately, which is a strange one for me.  I’ve never been super into anything barbecuey before but lately I’ve been daydreaming about a big piece of salmon slathered in BBQ sauce with a side of cornbread and mac and cheese and baked beans.  I have yet to give into this craving, but something tells me it wouldn’t be hard to convince Casey to help me out with it.  
Sleep:  Sleeping like a baby the past few days.  Also having some truly bizarre dreams, which often end with me making out with complete strangers.  Should I be concerned?  Or should Casey?
Movement:  Baby is still wiggling around in there but I haven’t felt a big kick in a while.  I miss it.  Well, sort of.  I go back and forth.  When it moves too much I get worried that that means our child will be nuts.  But when it doesn’t move enough, I get worried that there’s something wrong.  I take it this worrying thing is something that I should get used to… eh?
Symptoms:  I’ve been listening to country music nonstop for the last week.  If you know me, you know this is not normal.  I used to listen to country way back in my growing up on a farm days but then I kinda hated it for a solid 15 years.  Or I guess until last week.  I don’t know what it is or why it’s happening, but it can only be explained by pregnancy.  Are music cravings a thing?  Between the country music and the BBQ, I’m fearing for my street cred a little bit. 
Missing:  Being able to walk into the freezer section of the grocery store without whimpering in nipple pain.  That shit hurts.
Happenings:  We have our very first baby class tonight, which I’m actually really excited for.  Although I’m terribly nervous that they’re going to show a birthing video, after which I might have to tell this baby to make itself comfortable in the ol’ uterus because it’s not going anywhere for the next 60 years.

26weeks_bumpdate_2Tips for preggers women: baggier tops or black tops minimize the amount of giant you will look during pregnancy.  In contrast, the tighter/lighter the shirt, the more you will look like you’re 16 months pregnant, instead of 6.

Thanks for tuning into the week’s installment of the bumpdate.  Much love to you and your midsections.

bumpdate: 22 weeks

22 weeks.jpg

Weeks: 22
Baby is the size of:  A papaya.  I’d be more excited if I had any idea how big a papaya actually is…
Weight gain: TBD at my Dr. appointment next week.  Let us pray.  
Cravings: Still shoving as much fruit and limeade into my face as possible. 
Sleep:  Great!  I’ve had NO insomnia nights this past week!  Maybe we’ve outgrown that phase?  Or maybe it’s because I’ve been having Casey punch me in the face as hard as he can before bed every night…  You never know.  
Movement:  The kid is making bigger and bigger movements lately.  It’s a lot less fluttery and a lot more roll-y.  If that makes any sense?  There’s honestly nothing more exciting than feeling it move around in there.
Symptoms:  The combo of this nice warm weather we’ve been having + getting pregnanter is causing my feet to get real fat.  My sneakers are getting snug, I’m getting major sock lines, my sandals are getting harder to slip on and off.  It reminds me of when Casey and I were coming back from our honeymoon in Greece… we were stuck on the tarmac for 3 hours before we even took off on our 12 hour flight back to LA.  When we landed, my feet and cankles had swelled up so much, I looked like a cabbage patch kid.  I pointed it out to Casey and his immediate response was “JEEEEEEZUS!”.   Love you too, new husband.  Anyway, I’m trying to pound water to offset the water retention, but I’m anticipating full Fred Flintstone status in the next month or two.  Any tips or tricks to combat this lovely side effect would be much appreciated!?
Missing:  Leinie’s Summer Shandy.  Especially when the weather is kicking freaking ass and we’ve been doing tons of yard work and all I want to do at the end of the day is slam 2-3 Summer Shandy’s as fast as possible.  This is where the limeade comes in to save the day.
Happenings:  I celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Sort of.  It’s kind of a gray area – I’m not quite a mom, yet there IS a kid currently stepping on my bladder.  I think I at least deserve a pastry for incubating a baby on Mother’s Day.  Right?  Right so Casey took me out to breakfast and we talked about how next year at this time, we’ll be parents of a 7 month old.  Bananatown.  Is what that is.  

More pictures from my sort-of Mother’s Day, if you care to see!

mamacita_day1.jpg[ i promise i don’t have white tights on in these pics ]
bumpdate22_3IMG_1803IMG_1784 IMG_1782IMG_1785IMG_1800[ we had this great idea of getting a picture of the two of us this year and then going back to the same place next year with the baby and taking another picture.  but the woman taking our photo had apparently never operated a camera before and got all flustered, which made me flustered and so Casey and I just ended up looking like two people who don’t really know each other that well but were forced take a picture together.  cool stuff. ]

bumpdate22_2[  fam of 4.5 ]

bumpdate: 21 weeks

21weeks_blogWeeks: 21. Which means the fetus is now of legal drinking age.
Baby is the size of:  A pomegranate.
Weight gain: I have no idea – I’ve been scared to step on the scale since before my last doctor’s appointment.  I can only assume I’ve gained 93 pounds in the last week because that’s how things seem to be going.
Cravings: The green sun chips phase has turned into something of a phenomenon – thanks in large part to our parents.  I mentioned last week that Casey’s mom and dad brought me a bag when they came to visit.  Then my dad and stepmom also heard my cry for help and sent me 3 BAGS in the mail.  That totals 4 bags of green sun chips in about a week and a half, all of which may or may not be gone already, but that’s not the point.  The point is, parents: you guys are the coolest.  The baby and I thank you for keeping the spirit of french onion alive in Portland.
Sleep:  I had no insomnia nights last week!  Not a single one.  Might be a fluke, or maybe the insomnia phase has passed?  Let us all knock on several pieces of wood in hopes that I haven’t jinxed myself.
Movement:   The baby’s been moving around about the same amount as it was last week.  Although it does seem to have shifted positions and taken up permanent residence on my bladder in the last few days.  I actually imagine that my bladder is like the bean bag chair of my baby house… and the kid is just lounging on it.  And probably sipping a limeade and reading What to Expect When You’re a Fetus.  Meanwhile, I’m trying not to pee my pants.
Symptoms:  Is yelling at your husband at Home Depot a symptom?  No reason, just curious. (see also: bless Casey’s heart.)
Missing:  SUSHI. I daydream about running into a sushi restaurant, jumping and sliding over the glass of the sushi bar (because I’m the definition of stealth right now), grabbing a giant slab of raw salmon in one hand and a bottle of soy sauce in the other, and then running back outside to eat it by the curb like a homeless person.
Happenings:  I bit into a cherry tomato today and dribbled tomato seeds on my shirt.  Directly over my right boob.  An hour later, I accidentally swiped red pen across my left boob.  This has nothing to do with being pregnant (except that my boobs are huge) but it did remind me to put some bibs on our baby registry.  For myself.

Shawnna + Baby T, signing off.

P.S. Thanks to you lovely people who have sent me such kind words about this here blog. And bless all your hearts for continuing to read my dumb words.  High-fives and salmon rolls for everyone!

bumpdate: 20 weeks

20 weeks.jpg I hit the 20 week mark last week.  Which means I’m officially halfway through my stint as a baby maker.  It’s a little bittersweet actually… part of me is so so so excited to keep this party going so I can meet this little baby, but the other part of me wants to stop time because it’s all going way too fast.

We’re at this really great stage right now where I’m actually looking and feeling preg, but not uncomfortably so.  I can still move around, my shoes still fit, I’m not passing gas in public… so you know, things are good.  I’m really trying to enjoy it now because I know it’s only a matter of weeks before I start to look and feel like a hippo.

In the spirit of hitting the halfway mark, I thought I’d start a lil weekly baby update questionnaire, since things are actually happening and showing and moving and such.

Ready? Here we go.

Weeks: 20
Baby is the size of:  A banana.  Organic, of course.
Weight gain: Uhgawd.  I’ll be honest.  I only gained about 3-5 pounds in the first three months.  But.  In the last month I’ve gained 7 POUNDS.  That’s a f*cking newborn!  I gained a newborn in 4 weeks.  My pregnancy book says at this point the “weight gaining has just begun”… so you know, yay.
Cravings: The in-laws lovingly brought me a big bag of green sun chips when they came to visit this past weekend so that craving has been sufficiently acknowledged.  Fruit still rocks my socks and I’ve recently rediscovered limeade, which makes my taste buds want to high-five a unicorn while cartwheeling through disneyland.  (….I don’t know? The baby made me say it.)
Sleep:  Okay-ish.  I’m averaging 1-2 insomnia nights a week.  Which isn’t so bad, considering.  Can we talk about getting out of bed though for a second?  Every morning when I wake up and I pull myself out of bed, I get the sensation that I have two bowling balls and a jack-o-lantern hanging from my torso.  After being horizontal all night, standing upright makes my boobies and belly feel like a bajillion pounds a piece.  It’s not particularly awesome, it actually hurts.  And did I mention I’m 20 weeks?  By the time I’m 40 I will probably need assistance carrying my lady appendages around the house.   …..You’re very welcome for that Monday morning visual.
Movement:  I’m feeling the baby move more and more everyday.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the alien feeling, but it’s maybe one of the coolest things ever.
Symptoms:  Nothing major.  Sleepiness, yet insomnia.  Hunger, and subsequent weight gain.  One random symptom I’ve just recently noticed though… I’m getting hair on stomach.  Not a ton, just more than normal.  Super awesome.  If it gets any longer, I might put some beads on it or do a nice little comb over, because why not?
Missing:  Happy hour.  I’m still meeting friends for happy hour, but since I can’t drink it’s more like mundane hour.  Good thing I don’t need drinks to have fun! (said no one ever)
Happenings:  We had our second ultrasound a little over a week ago.  We got to see baby’s profile and heartbeat and teeny tiny legs and arms and everything.  I don’t even have anything sarcastic to say about it because it was honestly amazing.  Seeing OUR BABY swimming around on that monitor is definitely one of the top 5 moments in my life.

IMG_6183[ cutest 20 week old i’ve ever seen… ]

20weekouttakes.jpg[ 20 week outtakes, in which i apparently couldn’t keep my mouth shut. per usual. ]

IMG_173820 weekswithcaseIMG_1739.jpg[ halfway to mama and papa status ]

tuesday stuff.


  • Not much new to report today other than it’s Tuesday and I’m having a pretty bad hair day.  Whoever said pregnancy makes your hair healthy and shiny can eat my shorts.  The only thing happening north of my neck is a serious case of bedhead, which somehow manifests even when I haven’t been sleeping?  Cool stuff, pregnancy.
  • Last weekend, when everyone else was hunting Easter eggs and stuffing their faces with chocolate bunnies, Casey and I were spring cleaning our casa.  We’ve never really done the whole spring cleaning thing before… but we sorta figured we should do it since we own a house now and I really needed a reason to search for that piece of garlic that’s been hiding under the oven for the last 4 months.  Despite it’s spritely name, spring cleaning sucks.  It took and I was SO sore on Sunday that all I could really do was lay in bed and watch 6 episodes of Parenthood on Amazon Prime.  (I think we’ve just found the source of my perma-bedhead…)
  • Before all the TV watching on Sunday, we did take the dogs to the dog park.  All was going swell until Eddie got hisself peed on.  I’m not sure how it happened, all I know is he came running up to me and I bent down to pet his head and then promptly stood back up with a handful of dog stranger’s pee on my hand. Which was fun.  Eddie didn’t mind, that is until we got home and gave him the bath of a friggin lifetime.  It’s safe to say he was cleansed of all of his sins this Easter.  Amen.
  • I’ve spent the last 15 minutes trying to get onto the Sun Chips website.  Yes, Sun Chips as in, Sun Chips.  Because why?  Because I want to know why, for the love of William H Macy, can’t I find green Sun Chips anywhere?  I wouldn’t say that green Sun Chips are so much a pregnancy craving as they are a necessary part of life.  I’ve seriously looked for them at every major grocery store in a 5 miles radius and sure you can find Harvest Cheddar, which will suffice in a bind, and the red ones… which I’m not even sure what flavor they are… Original? Who cares about them.  I need the green ones!  And they are seriously nowhere to be found.  Last week out of pure luck I found an individual size bag of green ones at dear old Mr. French’s coffee shop at the bottom of my office building.  And that was a great day.  I think I heard the heavens open up when I spotted that little green bag at the back of that chip bin.  I almost hugged Mr. French but did not, for fear that I might crush some of my precious chips in the process.  Anyways, I’ve been trying to get onto the Sun Chips website so I can send an email to whoever is in charge of stocking Portland with green Sun Chips because UR DOIN IT WRONG.  However, their website isn’t loading and how many minutes is too many minutes to spend clicking the reload button on the Sun Chips website?  Maybe this is a sign that this is a fruitless task.  Hmmm… fruit sounds good right about now…. (Non-preggers people: please pour yourself a glass of wine, go back and reread that paragraph, and have a drink every time you read the words “Sun Chips”.  Thank you, you’re welcome.)
  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Mila Kunis is preggers with Ashton Kutcher’s bebe.  The thing is, I think she and I are right around the same timing which makes me kind of proud?  Like we’re going through this together.  Like we can lean on each other.  I plan to send her an invitation to brunch to discuss, just as soon as I finish up my heated email to a one Mr. Chip, Sun. 
  • I feel like I need to give that husband of mine a shoutout.  Especially because he’s been such a gem during this lovely pregnancy hormone mood swing phase that I like to call “bitchiness”.  Thank gawd it’s not a constant thing (or is it Casey? IS IT!?!)…  No really, the bitchiness tends to sneak up on me quite quickly and unexpectedly… and it usually manifests in me either biting Casey’s head off, or responding to him by making fart-noises with my mouth.  It’s a fun phase that I’m most definitely documenting in my baby book for our sweet little one to read about many years down the road.  (“I felt you move today Baby!  I also threw a spatula at your father when he told me he couldn’t find green Sun Chips at the grocery store.”)

bumpdate: 17-18 weeks


Weekly bump update (bumpdate?): We continue to get bigger.  The end.

P.S. Here’s a quick little story to get you through the next 2 minutes. I’ve been trying to take a little lunchtime walk every day at work in order to ward off cankle swelling and get fresh air, etc.  Usually at least one person joins me but yesterday I was on my own.  It was SO beautiful out that I took my jacket off and tied it around my waist (I just misspelled it ‘waste’, which is sad…) in an attempt to get some color on my paper white skin.  (I have a coworker who consistently asks me if I’m feeling okay because I tend to look very pale.  It’s reeeeally fun.  Sometimes I ask her to rank it… like “on a scale from anemic to dehydration, how pale do I look today?”)  I was about halfway through my walk when I realized that my inner thighs were rubbing together really uncomfortably.  I’ve heard that this happens during pregnancy but I had thought it probably wouldn’t start getting too uncomfortable until closer to month 7 or 8.  I had just worked out the day before and hadn’t noticed it so I assumed that this was a new prego side effect, that my thighs had grown significantly overnight.  By the time I made it back to the office, I was feeling pretty bad about the early onset uncomfiness of my thunder thighs… until I caught my reflection in the glass door and realized that my thighs weren’t the problem at all.  The sleeves of my jacket had just bunched up between my legs. And for the past mile, I had been walking around downtown Portland looking like I was wearing a diaper.

Make it a great day!

it’s 4:28 am, do you know what your favorite kind of cheese is? and other really important questions.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetI was “prepared” for a good many things when Casey knocked me up.  Sickness, soreness, getting fat growing a beautiful human being inside me.  I figured I’d crave certain things and detest others, get a little hormonal (yup), and in general feel like a pretty big weirdo for a while, etc. etc.  What I was not prepared for, however, is the insomnia.  Well, not yet anyway.  I obviously know that this tiny sleep dictator I’m growing in my belly will be calling all the shots when he/she makes an appearance in a few months.  But I guess I just had it in my mind that in anticipation of those sleepless nights, I’d try to rack up as many bedtime points as possible now.  And that’s so not the case.  Because I totally gots the insomnias.  As a person who really really loves her sleep, this little side affect has sucked balls.

The intial pass out is no problemo. Typically, you can find me in bed by approximately 9/10pm.  This human hosting business is exhausting work so I’m usually a winner at falling asleep in about three minutes flat.  But 2am rolls around and it seems the baby and I are all, heyyyyy time to get up, where’s the party at? At which point my brain goes into total overdrive and I started thinking about ALL the things.  You know, like… what did I wear on Friday? Because my memory is shot these days and I have approximately 3 things that still fit and the last thing I want to do is wear the same thing on Monday that I wore on Friday.  And… if I had to pick one kind of cheese to live off of for the rest of my life, what would it be?  Assuming I’m not pregnant in this scenario of course because soft cheese is a hard contender.  And… where did I put that one necklace that I bought at that one store that one time?  And… I wonder if Casey is awake and maybe I should nudge him a bit to see if he is awake and feels like have a mid-night chat?….Nope, definitely not awake.

Oh, I get the big questions going through my head too.  Like how in the h. am I going to birth this kid and then raise it to be happy and healthy and DEAR DIARY what are we going to name it!?  But for the most part, my insomnia is enabled by the really stoopid questions.  Which is just so not worth it.  I’m pretty jealous of my dogs right now, one of which who is curled up between my knees and the other one who has so generously taken up residence on half of my new body pillow.  And no, they are not the problem.  They’ve been total bed hogs forever and it’s never really bothered me.  Much.

I guess the only upside to this insomnia – except the fact that I get to answer ridiculous questions to myself – is that I have time to blog?  About insomnia.  Yayyyyy.

In other news, mi mama is currently sleeping (hopefully more successfully than I am) in our guest room and I’m dying with joy having her here.  We’ve been having the best weekend ever talking about babies and bellies and Thai iced tea.  Because yum.  When she wakes up, I intend to ask her to stay in Portland until the baby arrives… and then maybe for the next 18 years after that.  In fact, maybe I’ll start whispering it to her through the heat grates – sleep hypnosis-style.  That wouldn’t be scary at all.