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it’s april and my pants are unbuttoned / bumpdate: 16 weeks

16weeks_Post.jpgHappy April, spring chickens!

As we’re slowly inching our way closer to warmer weather, my stomach is slowly inching its way to larger pastures.  Quite poetic, actually.

This past weekend, my favorite skinny jeans and I came to an agreement to give each other some space, via button.  This decision was not made lightly, because we all know that unbuttoned pants are the gateway drug to pajama jeans.  But it was time.  Those bidges were getting so tight, the indentations I was getting on my gut were starting to look like a topographic map.  I think I could have clearly planned a route to the hospital out of the jean indents on my stomach.  Which could actually come in convenient handy in 5 months…I’m still testing the waters with the belly band, which thankfully allows me to still wear the jeans but also makes me feel like I’m wearing a turtleneck around my stomach.  These are my choices these days.  Turtleneck… or belly map.

Truth is, I’m not quite sure what happened last week because all of sudden I started to look and feel super preg.  Like… in a matter of 3 days.   I had a regular Dr appointment last Wednesday to do my typical pee in a cup, weigh-in.  (Sidenote: I swear every time I’m being weighed and I ask to take my shoes off first, the nurses give me this look like I’ve just asked them to borrow a kidney. But I really just want to be accurate!  And how can we be accurate if I’m wearing 5 pound shoes?  Moto boots are no joke.)  Anyways, I  told my doctor that just that morning I felt like I had a small air bubble in my belly.  Which she said was probably because there’s a kid the size of an orange in my stomach and I’m starting to notice it taking up some space in my uterus.  HEYO!  Makes sense.  The air bubble feeling has not subsided and actually seemed to get much more noticeable slash larger over the weekend.  I truly feel like I grew more in 3 days than I have in the last 3 months.  Not that I mind too much, it’s kinda fun to actually be able to tell that there’s something in there other than my breakfast burrito.  I just hope it doesn’t continue at this pace for the next 164 days.

Now if only someone could tell us what to name our little air bubble, things would be fantastic.  This naming stuff is hard.  I’ve had favorite names throughout the years but now that it’s actually time to name a human for the rest of their life, it’s freaking stressful.  It makes me start to sweat through my turtleneck.  We actually thought we had some pretty great names sorta picked out about a month ago but since then have found out that in fact, no, we’re not very clever and 12 other people we know have already taken OUR names.  (See also: everyone is having babies)  Casey is also on a kick lately where he can only really grasp a girl name if he compares it to a lady celebrity who has the same name.  He’s impossible.  This is impossible.  Someone.  Halp us.

In other news, I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday while driving home from work and I was telling her about the pain level in my boobies.  Of course as I’m explaining the feeling, I’m holding on to my boobs, as one does.  I’m at a stoplight and I look over and see a man in the car next to me, watching me fondle my ladies as I’m seemingly talking to myself (hands-free earbuds).

I wonder if he’s blogging about it today?

In other less fetus-y news, it’s gettin springy out! IMG_6004IMG_6057 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_6061IMG_6064IMG_5999

And one more belly shot for good measure.


Thanks for stopping by, friends.





My dream has come true!  I’m eating for two!  Hey, that rhymes… I’m kicking ass at this mom thing already.

Yes, it’s true.  We are expecting a tiny Thompson in September and we seriously couldn’t be happier.  Well, I’d probably be a little happier if my pants weren’t so GD tight already.  And if I had an unlimited supply of chocolate chip cookies.  Other than that, I’m good.

I’m about 15 weeks/a little more than 3 months/a little bit into second trimester/a little bloated.  I’ve been lucky enough to bypass any morning sickness and so far the only real uncomfortableness is the ongoing growth of my tator tots and the pain level of said large tator tots.  Seriously folks (any men readers: earmuffs) my boobs are ridiculous right now. I’m afraid I’m going to give myself black eyes from just walking briskly.  I hear it gets worse?  Not sure that’s possible.

In all seriousness though, I’ve been lucky.  We’ve been lucky.  And now we’re havin a baby.

Casey and I found out the big news when I was 3ish weeks pregnant.  It was a Sunday morning, I had just woken up and had this sneaky suspicion that something might be happening in the ‘ol baby factory, so I took a test, and the rest is history.  Reading that pee stick will go down in history as one of my favorite moments in life.  Topped only by the absurd happiness I felt… and then the look on Casey’s face when he registered what was going on.  We were both just so happy.  And relieved, actually.  Getting pregnant is one of the only things in life you can’t just make happen.  Which is kind of obvious, but not totally understandable until you try.  It can be very frustrating and defeating, which we don’t have to talk about today.  But all those feelings of uncertainty only made the moment we found out that much more amazing.  Ugh.  I’m suuuuuuch a girl right now.  Well, I can’t even call myself a girl anymore.  I think I’m technically a mom?  Holy shit.

Moving on.

As much as I want to enjoy this pregnancy time, I’m pretty psyched for actually getting a baby bump.  Not, like, because I want to get big fast, I just want my gut to start looking like a 28 year-old’s baby bump and less like a 55 year-old’s beer belly.  Seriously, right now I just look like I ate a small child, rather than have one growing in me.  Nothing cute about that.

Cravings!  Cuz those are fun.  I’m currently craving all the chocolate chip cookies, ever.  I think I’ve eaten more CCC’s in the last 2 months than I have in my entire existence.  Also, fruit.  Which is pretty boring but tastes OMGDELICIOUS right now.  And of course, I’m taking full advantage of McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes until their 2014 season wraps up.  Single tear emoticon.

And now to wrap things up, a few preggers photos from the past 2 months….

[ i’ve never been so proud of something that i peed on. ]
[ casey also has never been so proud of something that i peed on. ]
[ things are definitely thickening up in the meat veggie bag region. ]
belly montage.jpg

[ and a few outtakes – because we’re durfy.  our kid has got a lot to look forward to. ]

Welp, that’s about enough uterus talk for one post – wouldn’t you say?

Since y’all blog readers are mostly long-distance friends and fam, I’ll try to keep you as updated as possible here.  For others who aren’t interested in baby shenanigans, I promise to still talk about my dogs and food and beer wine more food.