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twenty-nine and one day.

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I celebrated my 29th birthday yesterday.  It was a really great day but you know what?  I feel a little sorry for 29.  It seems like kind of a lost cause because all it really means is that the countdown to 30 has begun.  Or at least that’s what everyone kept telling me…. “it’s the last year of your 20’s!”….”NEXT YEAR is the big one!”… “you’re old!”…. blah blah blah.   But in all honesty, I’m pretty pumped for 29.  I feel like I’m in a really good place in my life and this next year will be a reflection of that.  I know, I know, it’s going to be nuts with the little one coming into our lives but I still think it’s going to be a pretty bitchin’ year.

You hear that 29?  I have high hopes for you.

Last night Casey asked me what my favorite parts of year 28 were… and it was honestly hard to say because so.much.happened.  In the past year I’ve had 3 jobs, bought a house, adopted another dog and got knocked up.  I also fell off my bike and we hosted lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of visitors, among other things.  But who’s counting?  For real though, that’s kind of a lot of major events to cram into 365 days.  We crossed a lot of things off of the list of life and I’m both proud and scared of how much we accomplished.  That said, I definitely want to take it easier this year… keep things simple.  So my only goals for year 29 are simply to birth a kid and win the lottery.

I read back on my 28th birthday post from last year and it’s crazy to think that in one year from today, I will probably look back on this post too.  I imagine I’ll be reading it on this very same laptop, from the comfort of my living room (which will be spotless) with my perfect, healthy, beautiful baby on my lap (who doesn’t ever cry and sleeps 10 hours a night) while sipping a kale smoothie (cuz I’ve already got my pre-baby body back, duh).   Or not.  You know.

Quick birthday recap:

strollinBefore birthday dinner last night, we picked up the stroller that we ordered – the Baby Jogger Summit x3 – which we scored on super sale.  This is the very first baby thing that we’ve bought so far.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Eddie concurs.

birthdateCasey took me to the sweetest little Italian restaurant…  which I don’t have any pictures of because I was too busy inhaling my food.  And flicking splatters of white wine sauce on my new maternity shirt.

Here’s to the next 365….!

it’s 4:28 am, do you know what your favorite kind of cheese is? and other really important questions.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetI was “prepared” for a good many things when Casey knocked me up.  Sickness, soreness, getting fat growing a beautiful human being inside me.  I figured I’d crave certain things and detest others, get a little hormonal (yup), and in general feel like a pretty big weirdo for a while, etc. etc.  What I was not prepared for, however, is the insomnia.  Well, not yet anyway.  I obviously know that this tiny sleep dictator I’m growing in my belly will be calling all the shots when he/she makes an appearance in a few months.  But I guess I just had it in my mind that in anticipation of those sleepless nights, I’d try to rack up as many bedtime points as possible now.  And that’s so not the case.  Because I totally gots the insomnias.  As a person who really really loves her sleep, this little side affect has sucked balls.

The intial pass out is no problemo. Typically, you can find me in bed by approximately 9/10pm.  This human hosting business is exhausting work so I’m usually a winner at falling asleep in about three minutes flat.  But 2am rolls around and it seems the baby and I are all, heyyyyy time to get up, where’s the party at? At which point my brain goes into total overdrive and I started thinking about ALL the things.  You know, like… what did I wear on Friday? Because my memory is shot these days and I have approximately 3 things that still fit and the last thing I want to do is wear the same thing on Monday that I wore on Friday.  And… if I had to pick one kind of cheese to live off of for the rest of my life, what would it be?  Assuming I’m not pregnant in this scenario of course because soft cheese is a hard contender.  And… where did I put that one necklace that I bought at that one store that one time?  And… I wonder if Casey is awake and maybe I should nudge him a bit to see if he is awake and feels like have a mid-night chat?….Nope, definitely not awake.

Oh, I get the big questions going through my head too.  Like how in the h. am I going to birth this kid and then raise it to be happy and healthy and DEAR DIARY what are we going to name it!?  But for the most part, my insomnia is enabled by the really stoopid questions.  Which is just so not worth it.  I’m pretty jealous of my dogs right now, one of which who is curled up between my knees and the other one who has so generously taken up residence on half of my new body pillow.  And no, they are not the problem.  They’ve been total bed hogs forever and it’s never really bothered me.  Much.

I guess the only upside to this insomnia – except the fact that I get to answer ridiculous questions to myself – is that I have time to blog?  About insomnia.  Yayyyyy.

In other news, mi mama is currently sleeping (hopefully more successfully than I am) in our guest room and I’m dying with joy having her here.  We’ve been having the best weekend ever talking about babies and bellies and Thai iced tea.  Because yum.  When she wakes up, I intend to ask her to stay in Portland until the baby arrives… and then maybe for the next 18 years after that.  In fact, maybe I’ll start whispering it to her through the heat grates – sleep hypnosis-style.  That wouldn’t be scary at all.


whatdya know? more rain. and more visitors!

IMG_1490The thing about Portland is, you get used to the rain. The gray and the drizzle become familiar.  Wearing rain boots to the grocery store is part of the routine. And it becomes second nature to carry around a stocking cap (although I’ve been told that calling it a “stocking cap” makes me sound verrry midwestern) lest your hairs be all frizzy when you get to brunch.  But that’s Portland.  That’s what’s it all about.  Kind of like the hokey pokey.

But then there are the days where you look up at the sky and you see that spot… that spot where the sun should be, but isn’t.  And you shake your pale fists at that gray piece of sky and curse the raindrops that are landing in your freshly-applied mascara.  Because really Portland, enough is enough.

This weekend it rained like mother-effing crap, again.  Big surprise.  BUT this time it was totally, definitely, absolutely bearable because temps reached the low 60’s!   Baby steps, people.  Tiny, rainy baby steps.  Combined with the fact that we got to move our clocks ahead an hour (cheers to driving home from work in the daygraylight!) and the fact that my little bro and his lady are here visiting for their spring break (cheers to a cray spring break in rainy Portland!) we had a pretty lovely weekend.  Real great, in fact.

The young ones are here with us for most of this next week so we’re sending them on some exciting little day trips while we go have to go to work.  Blerg.  I’m excited though to get home and hear about their adventures.  And to see Portland through their fresh, young, un-bagged eyes.  And to find out if they had anything for lunch that I should know about…  But really, it’s so fun to have them here, exploring our city.  Because at the end of the day, we really love this little Stumptown.  And having family come visit it and love it as well makes our rain-soaked hearts happy.

IMG_1468 IMG_1466[ and then all my dreams came true. sea salt caramel pepcorn. ] IMG_1459

IMG_1457 [ ^^ this one is for you ned! peas enjoy this greeting curd.^^ ]bridgepeopleIMG_1470IMG_1474beer1[ ^^ differing views on ipa’s ^^ ]IMG_1477 [ ^^ til death do us part ^^ ]thompsies

Peas out!

i’m back! get excited.

HuntersHello my long-lost loves!  Apologies times twelve for the radio silence.  I’ve been having some major wordpress blog issues, which resulted in losing all the comments that you lovely folks made on all of my past blog posts… and losing all my subscribers.  Which makes me want to ugly cry.   BUT.  The problem is hopefully fixed and we should be back in bidness.  (Don’t forget to subscribe again using the form on the right, if you still want to receive notification emails when I post!)

Anyways, it’s been so long since I last posted… I feel like I may have misplaced my writing mojo.  So let’s just ease into this slowly, shall we?


Here are 5 things that are on my mind today:

1. Chocolate chip cookies.

2. Is anyone else watching the new season of House of Cards?  Oh mah gaw.  I am affected by it.  We may or may not have watched 5 episodes in a row on Sunday afternoon.  And how perfect is Robin Wright? Ugh, everything she does is so graceful and elegant. She makes me want to get my shit together. And buy shirts with collars. And wear glasses that don’t have toothpaste splatters on them.

3. You know the memoir I plan to write?  The one tentatively titled: “I’m not hungry, but I could eat.”?  I’m thinking of starting work on it this spring.  The first chapter will highlight the nuances of sneakily eating candy out of your office drawer so that no one notices.  I’m currently in the research phase of that chapter.

4. I think Gus & Eddie are losing their winter skins, like a snake.  Even though we sweep and vacuum ALLTHETIME, their dog hair is still everywhere lately.  I found a piece of hair in my contact case this morning.  Casey had a piece lodged into his retainer the other day.  I’m completely used to pulling numerous pieces out of my food everyday.   It’s ridiculous.   Send help.

5. I got a ticket last week for being on my cell phone while driving.  Which sucks.  But despite the $160 fee, I keep thinking about how the officer’s name was Nathan Scott.  And how I was this close to telling him that there’s a character on One Tree Hill with the same name.  I highly doubt he would have been impressed.  Also, once in college I waited on a guy who’s name was Steve Madden.  He most definitely wasn’t the Steve Madden, which was obvious based on his choice in mandals… and that’s the end of that story.

The verbal dismount on this post is going to be subpar, given the lack of writing mojo.

So, see ya.

(And some pictures to send you off on your merry way!)

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resolving 2013.


We’ve covered Christmas, so let’s talk New Year’s!

First of all….yay!  You lasted another year and didn’t perish.  Good for you!

Did you make your resolutions for 2014?  I sure didn’t.   Eff that.  Last year, I attempted to take the pressure off and instead of making resolutions, I made a bucket list of sorts.  Just little a few things I wanted to do throughout 2013.   None of it was super unrealistic, but I still kinda failed at it.  Let’s take a look at how I fared, shall we?

  • Volunteer. (Sadly, no. But one time I offered to get Casey a glass of water.)
  • Take a cooking class. (Nope. Unless watching the Biggest Loser counts?)
  • Take a trip with my husband.  (Yes!  We went to Montana AND Arizona!  And Minnesota a couple times.  #dreambig)
  • Blog more. (Doubt it.  Sorry friends.  But I have been contributing to the blog once a week, so maybe?)
  • See my best friends. (Yes! We finally made our first annual girls trip happen last March in Austin, Tejas.  And stay tuned because the 2nd annual trip is happenin’ in one month in LA!  We’re really doin’ it Har!)
  • Run another 1/2 marathon. (Oh, whoops I couldn’t quite read that one, there was too much french fry grease on my screen)
  • Keep a journal. (Does a mediocre blog count?)
  • See more live music. (We’ve actually been to a few live shows… but still not as many as I’d hoped.  We did, however, get season tickets to Broadway, which technically is live music?  For nerds.)
  • Swim in the ocean. (Does swimming in a pool count?  If so, I still failed).
  • Teach my dog to fetch. (Gus & Eddie can totally fetch my underwear out of the hamper. Win.)
  • Get a massage. (Oh, totally.  I got the best one ever from one of those massaging pedicure chairs at the nail salon last summer.)
  • Take more pictures. (Yes, definitely.  Especially since we became professional fotografers.)
  • Go on a road trip. (We drove to the coast a whole bunch of times, so I’m saying yes.)
  • Buy a house. (Nailed it!)

So… ya see.  I did ok.  But still not great.  Therefore I’m foregoing any kind of resolution so I don’t disappoint myself come 2015 (holy what!? that is crazy to think about).

This year I just want to focus on having a whole bunch of fun and adventures with my little family.

Gus and Eddie are totes on board.  Don’t they look like the ultimate fun-havers?…

fam fam

From my family to yours,

Peace, love and gym memberships.


an ode to gus, the two-year-old pig.

(disclaimer: i talk about my dogs a lot.  so sue me)


How are you and how are things?

Life has been busy up in Thompson-land lately.  Per usual.  In the past few weeks I’ve quit (yet another) job in my never-ending quest to find career euphoria, we’ve committed ourselves to far too many house update projects and most importantly, we celebrated our little Gus’s 2nd birthday.  Our first child is now 2.  Or 14, if we’re being dog technical about it.  Which is crazytown considering we got that little monster when he was a wee 8-week-old.  It’s true what they say ya know, where does the time go?  …single tear emoticon.

Lately I’ve been wondering if the way we’ve raised Gus is a sign of the way we’ll raise kids… Calm down parents, this is merely an observation.  But I do think about it.  As much as we’ve (tried to) train that little pup, he still barks incessantly at any dog/person we come across on our walks.  Does that mean our kids will throw tantrums in public?  And he freaking hates to take a bath or have his teeth brushed.  Does that mean our kids will be dirtballs?  He still tries to eat literally every single thing he comes in contact with (hence the nickname “piggy”).  Does that mean our kids will be fatties?  (I’d love them no matter their squishiness)  And he absolutely loves to demolish our underwear.  Hopefully there’s no human equivalent to that…

But he’s also the sweetest little cuddler.  And he loves to give us kisses.  And he always always wants to keep us in his sight, never wandering too far or straying off on his own.  He loves his parents.  So those are good signs right?  So even if we have chubby, dirty, tantrum-throwing kids, we can be sure that they’ll be sweet and affectionate and love us unconditionally.  That’s the important stuff right?

On that note – please oogle over our little birthday boy.  He accepts gifts in the form of dental chews, dirty underwear and extra-crunchy carrots. IMG_0840[ that chin roll….. is everything ]IMG_0850 IMG_0853 pup kiss

Happy Birthday little piggy.  If you had opposable thumbs and could read blogs, I’m sure you’d think this post was the coolest.



i wanna take a nap
I have one of those feelings in my stomach today that’s typically reserved for the Sunday night blues.  You know the feeling?  It comes around every Sunday, around 4pm, like clockwork.  For me it’s a feeling like I’m nervous about something but I’m not quite sure what it is?  Tell me it’s not just me…

Lately there have been so many things going on and so many life decisions that need deciding and it’s really easy to start over-analyzing and stressing about all the things all at once.  I currently have about 63 ducks that seriously need to be put in a row.   And I feel a little overwhelmed.  But it’s life.  And whether I deal with things now or 10 minutes from now or 10 days from now doesn’t matter because I’m in that in-between part.  The part where I know what the question is but I have to weed through all the thoughts in order to get to the answer.  And all I really want to do is take a big ‘ol nap and only make decisions that have to do with what I want on my pizza and how many chocolate chips is the right amount of chocolate chips for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. THOSE are the important questions, right?

I’m also thinking about what a lovely job it would be to walk dogs for a living.  Maybe lovely isn’t the right word.  Easy?  Nah, dogs can be quite needy.  Simple?  There you go.  That sounds about right.  I think I’m looking for some simplicity today.

And so.

PS If you’re wondering, the correct answer to the above chocolate chip question is 13.  Give or take 5, depending on the diameter of the cookie.