something smells good.

One thing I’ve learned since being in Portland is that you cannot rely on the weather.  (I’ve also learned that I need to start enjoying IPA’s, but that’s a whole other story…) Anyway, it’s hard to plan outdoorsy activities when the weather has a mind of its own.  So this weekend we threw caution (and my hairstyle) to the wind and decided to go a little crazy and go to the Portland Rose Garden. The weather remained crappy but the flowers definitely brightened up an otherwise dreary day.

Plus, it saved us the hassle of feeding Gus dinner since he indulged on so many broken petals.

a little love.

One of the loves of my life is my dog Gus. He’s such a pain in the A sometimes. He requires so much attention. He always manages to sneeze directly on me. He won’t leave me alone when I’m eating spaghetti on the couch. But I love him unconditionally. And because of that, I/we (my husband may be the worse than I am) like to spoil him rotten.

[ Pic 1 – Deep in thought.  Pic 2 – one for me, one for pup ]

Not to worry though, he won’t actually ever BE rotten, because he has his own personal tube of chicken flavored toothpaste. See what I mean… ?

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hey, that’s me!

Hi everybody!  Welcome to my blog.  (And by everybody, I mean my husband… and maybe my mom)

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This is my first post in a very exciting blog adventure!  It can be tough to sometimes fall into the monotony of daily life and just go through the motions. This blog is my attempt to channel my creative juices (eww) and remember to stop and smell the roses (yum).

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

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